This Saturday night the Southern Sprint Car Series returns to the bull ring along with Mini Cups, A Mods, SRQ Taxes Scramblers, mod minis & Crown Vics. Make your plans for January 21st 2023 now. Hope to see you there. We can’t wait to have the sprint cars back. There is nothing like the sights, sound and smell of the sprint cars.
Did someone say Sprint cars? So far these are the teams entered into Saturday’s Sprint Car race. There should be some more added to the list soon.
88 Sport Allen
14 Davey Hamilton JR
59x John Inman
25 Bruce Brantley
13 Scotty Adema
7 Dylan Reynolds
93 Dude Teate
55 Tommy Nichols
5 Daniel Miller
1 Mac Steele Racing
19sc Craig Swan Racing
3x Bo Hartley
83 Skip Ferianc