On Saturday night in the twin 50 races at Auburndale Speedway George Gorham Jr secured the points championship for the super late models doing this in back to back season.  This was George’s 7th championship in 6 years, with championships coming from all over the state.   This one was probably one that was not as easy as some of the others but the team battelled a lot of challenges this year both on and off the track to secure the championship. 

It is safe to say the wins did not come as easy or often as George would have wanted for the #10 Blackburns BBQ Super Late Model.  It was a year that brought lots of  emotions on and off the track as the race community and Family lost our loved M5, but we all know he was over looking the team as they secured the championship last Saturday night.  The Season also brought out a race in a tribute car to the M5 with the car warped in yellow.  The Gorham Jr. pits are always full of supporters, and family members.  It was also a special season as George got to help his sone George Gorham III make big strides in the pro truck division.

As 2023 gets ready to kick off the team looks to go for another championship or two.