Contact at Stateline Speedway Causes Controversy

BUSTI, NY – June 14, 2018 – Brandon Sheppard collected his fourth World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series win of the 2018 season at Stateline Speedway on Thursday evening. The New Berlin, IL driver hijacked the lead from Chris Madden on lap 35 after a restart. As the drivers headed into turn two, contact was made ultimately sending Madden in a 180-degree spin and to a complete stop. Madden, who had led every lap up until that point, was then sent to the tail of the field.

“I mean, I obviously didn’t mean to do that to Chris,” explained Sheppard in Victory Lane. “He had a pretty good car there and we were racing pretty hard and he went to the middle there where he had been running before that restart and I really didn’t expect him to turn down that hard. I was carving around the bottom there and we just, I don’t know, we just can watch the video but I didn’t mean to do that. If he’s listening back there [in the pits] I just apologize for that.”

The New Berlin, IL driver started fifth in the 50-lap event and used the top side of the track to his advantage in gaining early momentum.

“I was trying to get as many cars as I could as early as I could because I knew that top [side of the track] was going to go away at some point,” said Sheppard. “I was probably going to run second there and me and Chris just got together there. I hate it for him. I definitely didn’t want to win it that way… [but] we’ll take the win. It’s definitely been a long time coming (May 3 at Lavonia Speedway). We’ve had a rough streak here and it’s nice to be back on the podium.”

Current Series Points leader, Madden finished 12th in the event. When asked to comment on what happened on the track he quietly smiled and shook his head. He had nothing more to say about the incident.

Sheppard’s victory and Madden’s misfortune has once again tightened the points race. Madden now sits just 16 points ahead of Mike Marlar, 46 points ahead of Sheppard and 76 points ahead of Shane Clanton. The Rocket 1 Racing machine was trailing by 70 points prior to the shootout at Stateline Speedway.

Finishing second in the feature was a local standout, Darrell Bossard of Titusville, PA.

“We’ve had some bad luck with this car this year but it’s been really fast,” said Bossard. “Racing with these guys is really a dream. You grow up and you dream of racing with Mike [Marlar], and Brandon [Sheppard], and Shane [Clanton] and all of those guys. I remember watching Rick [Eckert] as a kid and driving by Rick Eckert tonight is something I thought I’d never do.”

Mike Marlar rounded out the podium at Stateline Speedway.

“I was trying to stay out of trouble and do the best we can do here,” said Marlar. “There will be nights we’ll have some but luckily we’ve dodged it so far. It helped a little on the points lead but I hate to see them guys get together like that. It’s slick, it’s slow and everybody is fighting for their own little lane on that bottom. I think Chris maybe arched out but I don’t know. I couldn’t really tell what was going on.”

The World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series heads to Ransomville Speedway on Friday, June 16 for its last stop in the state of New York in 2018.

Abbreviated results from Stateline Speedway

Sears Craftsman Feature (50 Laps): 1. 1-Brandon Sheppard [5][$10,000]; 2. 22B-Darrell Bossard [4][$5,000]; 3. 157-Mike Marlar [7][$3,000]; 4. 7-Rick Eckert [1][$2,500]; 5. 9-Devin Moran [11][$2,000]; 6. 111-Max Blair [16][$1,700]; 7. 44h-Dave Hess [12][$1,400]; 8. O-Ryan Scott [13][$1,300]; 9. 12B-Andy Boozel [10][$1,200]; 10. 25-Shane Clanton [3][$1,100]; 11. 2-Dan Stone [14][$1,050]; 12. 44-Chris Madden [2][$1,000]; 13. 18c-Chase Junghans [6][$950]; 14. X3-Wyatt Scott [9][$900]; 15. 91-Tyler Erb [19][$850]; 16. B1-Brent Larson [23][$800]; 17. 54-David Breazeale [21][$770]; 18. 14m-Morgan Bagley [24][$750]; 19. 22-Chris Ferguson [8][$730]; 20. 9s-Breyton Santee [18][$700]; 21. 1x-Chub Frank [17][$700]; 22. 28L-John Lobb [15][$700]; 23. 76-Steve Kania [20][$700]; 24. 111m-Matt Lux [22][$700]

Hard Charger Award: 111-Max Blair[+10]

Qualifying Flight-A: 1. 44-Chris Madden, 17.517; 2. 25-Shane Clanton, 17.626; 3. 1-Brandon Sheppard, 17.754; 4. 9-Devin Moran, 17.981; 5. X3-Wyatt Scott, 18.028; 6. 28L-John Lobb, 18.057; 7. O-Ryan Scott, 18.101; 8. 22-Chris Ferguson, 18.123; 9. 22g-Greg Oakes, 18.127; 10. 54-David Breazeale, 18.146; 11. 1x-Chub Frank, 18.155; 12. 91-Tyler Erb, 18.202; 13. B22-Bump Hedman, 18.203; 14. 2v-Chad Valone, 18.248; 15. 99B-Boom Briggs, 18.408; 16. 33-Chris Hackett, 18.41; 17. 19-Bob Dorman, 18.429; 18. 73-Devin Lewis, 18.865; 19. 1J-Jake Finnerty, 18.908; DNS. 44p-Joe Petyak, NT

Qualifying Flight-B: 1. 7-Rick Eckert, 17.689; 2. 22B-Darrell Bossard, 17.791; 3. 157-Mike Marlar, 17.826; 4. B1-Brent Larson, 17.883; 5. 2-Dan Stone, 17.916; 6. 44h-Dave Hess, 17.934; 7. 12B-Andy Boozel, 17.996; 8. 18c-Chase Junghans, 18.062; 9. 9s-Breyton Santee, 18.119; 10. 111-Max Blair, 18.123; 11. 76-Steve Kania, 18.141; 12. 38-Nathan Hill, 18.145; 13. 111m-Matt Lux, 18.17; 14. 10-Jared Miley, 18.228; 15. B1D-Brandon Groters, 18.271; 16. 30-Rick Tripodi, 18.348; 17. 14m-Morgan Bagley, 18.426; 18. 4s-Doug Eck, 18.56; 19. 28-Zack Carley, 18.826

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Pittman Goes Back-to-Back with Second Consecutive Win at Pevely

PEVELY, MO – April 21, 2018 – Daryn Pittman got underneath Sheldon Haudenschild to lead Lap 31 en route to his second consecutive World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series win of the weekend and second in a row at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 in Pevely, MO. Donny Schatz finished second and long-time race leader Sheldon Haudenschild completed the podium.

Donny Schatz won the Craftsman Club Dash and earned the pole of the 40-lap Feature alongside Ian Madsen. But it was Madsen who powered around Schatz to lead the opening circuit of the Feature. Sheldon Haudenschild used every bit of the racing surface to quickly take second from Schatz and begin chasing down Madsen for the lead. Just as Haudenschild was ready to make a move on Ian Madsen for the lead on the sixth circuit, the caution flew Ian’s older brother, Kerry, who was facing traffic on the backstretch.

Ian Madsen was able to turn under a pair of Sheldon sliders, before Haudenschild took command to lead Lap 8. As Haudenschild navigated heavy traffic, both Madsen and Pittman were able to erase Sheldon’s lead. Daryn Pittman made an eye-catching three-wide pass for the lead down the backstretch on Lap 13, only for it to be negated by a yellow for Cory Eliason.

As the rubber became more prominent on the racing surface, experience became a factor. Pittman and Schatz quickly closed in on Haudenschild for the lead. Haudenschild had a minor hiccup in turn one and missed the rubber by no more than a car length, but that was all Pittman needed as the 2013 Series Champion stuffed his Kasey Kahne Racing No.9 car underneath Haudenschild to take command down the backstretch. A couple laps later Haudenschild hiccupped in turn one again and Schatz was able to sneak by for second.

Ian Madsen’s top-five run came to an end with five laps remaining, due to a flat tire. A clear track ahead of Pittman allowed the veteran driver to hit his marks en route to his 74th career Outlaw victory.

“Man, this is starting to be fun again. It’s been a frustrating start to the season, but this car has been a blast to drive the past two nights,” Pittman said upon exiting his Ionomy sponsored KKR No.9 machine.

“This is the way we envisioned we would start the year. We are really happy with where we are at right now, this is why you never give up,” an enthusiastic Pittman added. Pittman eluded to the harder tire compound his team elected to go with before thanking his car owner, Kasey Kahne, and all of his sponsorship partners. When asked about the negated three-wide pass for the lead, Pittman said, “I thought that was the end of our chance to win it. This really was a great team win.”

Donny Schatz also went with a harder tire compound. “I was way too loose in the beginning and we had to pay the price, but we made it back it up. All in all, it was a great night,” Schatz said in good spirits.

After leading 22 laps, Sheldon Haudenschild had all the reason to be dejected, but that was not the case. “We definitely want to win these races, but we want to finish them too. I’m happy with a podium. The guys worked really hard after tearing a car up last night. I missed the rubber twice and I got passed twice,” Sheldon, who continues to sit second in the Series Point Standings, said.

David Gravel and Brad Sweet completed the all-Outlaw top five. Nine of the top ten were World of Outlaws regulars, including Brent Marks who came from 22nd to 10th, earning KSE Hard Charger honors. Indiana youngster Cale Thomas was the lone non-Outlaw regular in the top-ten, finishing eighth. Jason Sides set fast-time over the 44-car field for the first time this season.

The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series completes its three-race bullring weekend Sunday evening at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN. Another strong car count is expected, and all the action can be watched live on Next week, the Outlaws ramp up its 40th Anniversary Celebration with three races in four days in Texas, capped off at the Series birthplace, Devil’s Bowl Speedway.

Abbreviated Results from Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55:

Feature (40 Laps): 1. 9-Daryn Pittman [6][$10,000]; 2. 15-Donny Schatz [1][$5,500]; 3. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [3][$3,200]; 4. 5-David Gravel [7][$2,800]; 5. 49-Brad Sweet [4][$2,500]; 6. 7S-Jason Sides [5][$2,300]; 7. 2-Shane Stewart [8][$2,200]; 8. 91-Cale Thomas [14][$2,100]; 9. 26-Joey Saldana [15][$2,050]; 10. 19-Brent Marks [22][$2,000]; 11. 45-Paul McMahan [10][$1,500]; 12. 5C-Christopher Bell [12][$1,200]; 13. 99-Brady Bacon [16][$1,100]; 14. 41-Jason Johnson [13][$1,050]; 15. 11K-Kraig Kinser [23][$1,000]; 16. 24-Rico Abreu [17][$900]; 17. 21-Brian Brown [24][$800]; 18. 2M-Kerry Madsen [9][$800]; 19. 83-Cory Eliason [20][$800]; 20. 18-Ian Madsen [2][$800]; 21. 1S-Logan Schuchart [25][$]; 22. 21X-Carson Short [18][$800]; 23. 9X-Paul Nienhiser [19][$800]; 24. 1A-Jacob Allen [11][$800]; 25. 3-Sammy Swindell [21][$800] Lap Leaders: Ian Madsen 1-7, Sheldon Haudenschild 8-30, Daryn Pittman 31-40; KSE Hard Charger Award: 19-Brent Marks[+12]

Qualifying Flight-A: 1. 7S-Jason Sides, 10.764; 2. 5-David Gravel, 10.809; 3. 41-Jason Johnson, 10.828; 4. 1A-Jacob Allen, 10.861; 5. 18-Ian Madsen, 10.899; 6. 9-Daryn Pittman, 10.943; 7. 2M-Kerry Madsen, 10.998; 8. 21-Brian Brown, 11.011; 9. 24-Rico Abreu, 11.053; 10. 26-Joey Saldana, 11.092; 11. 3-Sammy Swindell, 11.105; 12. 9X-Paul Nienhiser, 11.113; 13. 20N-Hunter Schuerenberg, 11.225; 14. 1M-James Moughan, 11.256; 15. O1-Matt Vandervere, 11.342; 16. OO-Dane Lorenc, 11.348; 17. 51B-Joe Miller, 11.495; 18. W20-Greg Wilson, 11.503; 19. 9JR-Derek Hagar, 11.539; 20. 8S-Steve Short, 11.683; 21. 10P-Jim Perricone, 12.327

Qualifying Flight-B: 1. 49-Brad Sweet, 10.808; 2. 15-Donny Schatz, 10.961; 3. 91-Cale Thomas, 10.997; 4. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild, 11.056; 5. 2-Shane Stewart, 11.059; 6. 5C-Christopher Bell, 11.061; 7. 45-Paul McMahan, 11.085; 8. 83-Cory Eliason, 11.094; 9. O5-Gary Taylor, 11.104; 10. 99-Brady Bacon, 11.156; 11. 19-Brent Marks, 11.207; 12. 1S-Logan Schuchart, 11.248; 13. 21X-Carson Short, 11.452; 14. 11K-Kraig Kinser, 11.506; 15. 64-Scotty Thiel, 11.514; 16. 13-Clyde Knipp, 11.554; 17. 25-Jacob Blackhurst, 11.896; 18. 5B-Chase Briscoe, 11.987; 19. 12-Robert Ballou, 11.994; 20. 79J-Jacob Patton, 12.153; 21. 14T-Jimmy Bridgeman, 12.176; 22. 71M-Andy Bradley, 12.193

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Sheppard from 12th at Whynot Motorsports Park

MERIDIAN, MS­– April 20, 2018– The World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series returned to action on Friday evening at Whynot Motorsports Park for the first of two nights for the inaugural Queen City Shootout. This was the Series first race in 62 days due to several cancellations for weather, but Mother Nature finally showed some mercy and the 50-lap feature was worth the wait. The 2017 World of Outlaws champion Brandon Sheppard charged from 12th to collect his second win of the 2018 season.

“That was definitely not an easy one there. [Chris] Madden and Big Billy [Moyer] did a great job,” said Sheppard. “The track was really tricky tonight. The line kept changing all over the place. I could roll the middle there pretty good for a little bit, and then I could go to the bottom, and then I could move up, and then the middle got dirty there. We had a good car early, I think we just ran the wrong line in qualifying.”

The dominant New Berlin, IL driver qualified 21st overall earlier in the day which placed him fifth in his heat race. Sheppard was able to finish third in his heat which secured his transfer spot into the $10,000-to-win feature event. In the first lap of the race, Sheppard had remarkably gained four positions. By lap 13, Sheppard had bypassed Moyer for second and began chasing down pole-sitter and race-long leader, Madden. Known for his patient approach to taking over the lead position, Sheppard made the pass for the top spot on lap 41 when the perfect time arose.

“Well, I’m pretty sure it was hard to lead that race in the first half since like I said, the line was moving around all over the place,” continued Sheppard. “You know I could see where [Madden] was messing up a little bit. I found a little bit of a line there coming off of [turn] two, to where I could get up underneath him if he moved up again, and that’s what happened. Everything just worked out for us. We were really fortunate to be in a position to take the lead there.”

At the time, Madden was running around the bottom of the racetrack and slightly shifted his line up on the backstretch opening the door for Sheppard to charge through to command the lead. Madden continued to chase down Sheppard throughout the remaining laps in the feature. With five laps to go, the driver of Gray Court, SC headed to the top of the race track hoping to find the extra momentum he needed to reclaim the lead but while doing so, he opened the door for Moyer to steal second and was forced to settle for third.

“We just got too tight right there from about the middle of the race on and when I caught those lapped cars, and I couldn’t use the whole racetrack, I got in some trouble there,” said Madden. “I couldn’t stay down off of two over there and use the moisture like I could. I left the door open and Brandon was there to fill the spot. He was better than we were at the end of the race to steer around the bottom. We tried to go up top to get by Sheppard so we gave up second for third and that’s OK. We were trying to get the win instead of running second.”

“You just had to hit your marks perfect,” said Moyer. “We are happy to get a second here for sure. We had fun. We had a good racetrack. You know, we could move around on there, I thought it was a pretty neat deal.”

The World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series will return to the quarter-mile dirt track at Whynot Motorsports Park on Saturday for the finale of the inaugural Queen City Shootout.

Whynot Motorsports Park Abbreviated Results:

Craftsman Club Feature (50 Laps): 1. 1-Brandon Sheppard [12]; 2. 21-Billy Moyer [3]; 3. 44-Chris Madden [1]; 4. 1x-Chub Frank [11]; 5. 157-Mike Marlar [8]; 6. 7-Rick Eckert [14]; 7. 18c-Chase Junghans [20]; 8. B1-Brent Larson [24]; 9. 14m-Morgan Bagley [13]; 10. 21jr-Billy Moyer [18]; 11. 1c-Chad Thrash [4]; 12. 116-Brandon Overton [23]; 13. 97-Cade Dillard [22]; 14. 54-David Breazeale [15]; 15. 18s-Jack Sullivan [9]; 16. 86-Rick Rickman [7]; 17. C8-Timothy Culp [25]; 18. 91-Tyler Erb [16]; 19. 6-Blake Spencer [26]; 20. CJ1-Rusty Schlenk [19]; 21. 25-Shane Clanton [6]; 22. 90-Brian Rickman [2]; 23. 4-Michael Arnold [10]; 24. 22-Chris Ferguson [17]; 25. 77-Gavin Landers [5]; 26. 9-Devin Moran [21]

Qualifying Flight-A: 1. 21-Billy Moyer, 12.589; 2. 4-Michael Arnold, 12.661; 3. 21xxx-Neil Baggett, 12.694; 4. 1b-BJ Robinson, 12.755; 5. 25-Shane Clanton, 12.797; 6. 1c-Chad Thrash, 12.88; 7. 14z-Zack McMillan, 12.889; 8. 77-Gavin Landers, 12.898; 9. 18s-Jack Sullivan, 12.9; 10. 22-Chris Ferguson, 12.902; 11. CJ1-Rusty Schlenk, 12.914; 12. 10-Spencer Hughes, 12.953; 13. 14m-Morgan Bagley, 12.961; 14. 777-Jared Landers, 12.984; 15. 9-Devin Moran, 12.994; 16. 7-Rick Eckert, 13.053; 17. 116-Brandon Overton, 13.07; 18. 5-Jon Mitchell, 13.173; 19. 94-Austin Rettig, 13.22; 20. 6-Blake Spencer, 13.634

Qualifying Flight-B: 1. 86-Rick Rickman, 12.685; 2. 91-Tyler Erb, 12.709; 3. 90-Brian Rickman, 12.731; 4. 44-Chris Madden, 12.79; 5. 21jr-Billy Moyer, 12.881; 6. 97-Cade Dillard, 12.884; 7. B1-Brent Larson, 12.904; 8. 51m-Joey Moriarty, 12.929; 9. 54-David Breazeale, 12.941; 10. 1-Brandon Sheppard, 12.946; 11. 18c-Chase Junghans, 12.949; 12. 157-Mike Marlar, 12.961; 13. 3-Shay Knight, 13.02; 14. 6r-Robbie Stuart, 13.029; 15. C8-Timothy Culp, 13.149; 16. 44s-Dave Hess, 13.189; 17. 1x-Chub Frank, 13.26; 18. 15-Chris Smith, 13.323; 19. 99B-Boom Briggs, 13.594

PFC Fast Time Award: Billy Moyer, 12.589

Heat #1 – Flight (A) (10 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. 21-Billy Moyer [1]; 2. 25-Shane Clanton [3]; 3. 18s-Jack Sullivan [5]; 4. 14m-Morgan Bagley [7]; 5. CJ1-Rusty Schlenk [6]; 6. 14z-Zack McMillan [4]; 7. 21xxx-Neil Baggett [2]; 8. 9-Devin Moran [8]; 9. 94-Austin Rettig [10]; 10. 116-Brandon Overton [9]

Heat #2 – Flight (A) (10 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. 1c-Chad Thrash [3]; 2. 77-Gavin Landers [4]; 3. 4-Michael Arnold [1]; 4. 7-Rick Eckert [8]; 5. 22-Chris Ferguson [5]; 6. 777-Jared Landers [7]; 7. 1b-BJ Robinson [2]; 8. 10-Spencer Hughes [6]; 9. 5-Jon Mitchell [9]; 10. 6-Blake Spencer [10]

Heat #3 – Flight (B) (10 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. 90-Brian Rickman [2]; 2. 86-Rick Rickman [1]; 3. 1x-Chub Frank [9]; 4. 54-David Breazeale [5]; 5. 21jr-Billy Moyer [3]; 6. 18c-Chase Junghans [6]; 7. B1-Brent Larson [4]; 8. 3-Shay Knight [7]; 9. C8-Timothy Culp [8]; 10. 99B-Boom Briggs [10]

Heat #4 – Flight (B) (10 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. 44-Chris Madden [2]; 2. 157-Mike Marlar [6]; 3. 1-Brandon Sheppard [5]; 4. 91-Tyler Erb [1]; 5. 97-Cade Dillard [3]; 6. 6r-Robbie Stuart [7]; 7. 15-Chris Smith [9]; 8. 44s-Dave Hess [8]; 9. 51m-Joey Moriarty [4]

Last Chance Showdown 1 (10 Laps) – Top 3 Transfer: 1. 22-Chris Ferguson [2]; 2. CJ1-Rusty Schlenk [1]; 3. 9-Devin Moran [7]; 4. 21xxx-Neil Baggett [5]; 5. 777-Jared Landers [4]; 6. 94-Austin Rettig [9]; 7. 10-Spencer Hughes [8]; 8. 6-Blake Spencer [12]; 9. 5-Jon Mitchell [10]; 10. 14z-Zack McMillan [3]; 11. 1b-BJ Robinson [6]; 12. 116-Brandon Overton [11]

Last Chance Showdown 2 ( 10 Laps): 1. 21jr-Billy Moyer [1]; 2. 18c-Chase Junghans [3]; 3. 97-Cade Dillard [2]; 4. B1-Brent Larson [5]; 5. 44s-Dave Hess [8]; 6. 6r-Robbie Stuart [4]; 7. 3-Shay Knight [7]; 8. 15-Chris Smith [6]; 9. C8-Timothy Culp [9]; 10. 99B-Boom Briggs [11]; 11. 51m-Joey Moriarty [10]

Points Top 25:

Pos. Car Driver Total Diff Earnings
1 1 Brandon Sheppard 446 0 $30,450
2 44 Chris Madden 436 -10 $18,050
3 7 Rick Eckert 418 -28 $10,800
4 157 Mike Marlar 412 -34 $8,810
5 18c Chase Junghans 412 -34 $7,760
6 1x Chub Frank 406 -40 $8,190
7 25 Shane Clanton 382 -64 $8,700
8 116 Brandon Overton 378 -68 $4,410
9 14m Morgan Bagley 368 -78 $3,590
10 B1 Brent Larson *R 366 -80 $3,140
11 9 Devin Moran 360 -86 $5,950
12 54 David Breazeale *R 352 -94 $3,550
13 91 Tyler Erb 352 -94 $4,100
14 21jr Billy Moyer Jr 348 -98 $3,360
15 C8 Timothy Culp *R 338 -108 $2,970
16 22 Chris Ferguson *R 336 -110 $2,855
17 CJ1 Rusty Schlenk *R 320 -126 $2,380
18 17M Dale McDowell 294 -152 $14,610
19 99B Boom Briggs 290 -156 $1,290
20 0 Scott Bloomquist 290 -156 $13,500
21 1r Josh Richards 286 -160 $9,050
22 39 Tim McCreadie 286 -160 $14,300
23 49 Jonathan Davenport 284 -162 $7,400
24 6 Blake Spencer 272 -174 $440
25 28 Dennis Erb 270 -176 $4,850
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Queen City Shootout Moyer Beats Clanton in Photo Finish

MERIDIAN, MS– April 21, 2018– The “House of Hook” at Whynot Motorsports Park lived up to its name on Saturday evening for the finale of the Queen City Shootout. The World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series’ 50 lap feature event saw multiple lanes of hooked-up racing. When the checkered flag waved for the final time of the evening, it was Billy Moyer Jr. who was the best of the field claiming his first World of Outlaws win of the 2018 season and third all-time Series win.

Moyer Jr. was overwhelmed with emotion as he climbed out of his car in Victory Lane. He explained to the crowd that at 5 p.m. he received a call saying that his daughter Hallie Rae Moyer (born on March 8, 2018) is not doing well. Receiving the call just one hour before the World of Outlaws were scheduled to hit the track for hot laps, Moyer Jr. explained he felt committed to finishing the night.

“This racing doesn’t mean anything. Right now, I’m thinking about my daughter,” said Moyer Jr. “I’m scatterbrained right now. I got a call at 5 o’clock and my mind is so far in left field I don’t really care about this race right now. I just want to get home to her. Man, they were with me here tonight. I want to make a living and to win, but I need to get back to Arkansas as quick as I can.”

The Batesville, AR driver placed second in Group A Qualifying, won his heat race, and drew the outside pole position for the Craftsman Club Feature. Moyer Jr. commanded the lead on the first lap, only to hand over the top spot once on lap 18 to Mississippi driver Brian Rickman. Chris Madden and Shane Clanton also challenged Moyer Jr. for the lead position but were unable to complete the pass. When the checkers fell, it was a photo finish with only 0.0645 separating Moyer Jr. from Clanton.

“Chris was doing all he could to win the race,” said Clanton. “That’s what we were just saying, ‘we’re here to win the race not to get second’ and he did all he could to get by him. Moyer went to block him and it gave me the opportunity to get in the bottom and I hit Chris a little bit but it’s alright, we were going for the win.”

“I guess it don’t look like we can do no better than third. You know we just keep going for the win there,” said Madden. “We come to win the races, not to run second. We took a shot at him there and if he didn’t move up on me there maybe I could’ve finished the pass. It just kind of killed my momentum and let the hole open for Shane to get back into second.

“Overall, we had a great car all weekend. We started 12th tonight and made it all the way up there to battle for the lead, at least for a little while. I think we can take this momentum here in our new ride and build on it and maybe it will play out good for us at the end of the year.”

The World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series returns to action next Thursday at Smoky Mountain Speedway for a night of practice followed by the doubleheader weekend, The Tennessee Tipoff on Friday and Saturday, April 27-28.

Craftsman Club Feature (50 Laps): 1. 21jr-Billy Moyer [2][$10,000]; 2. 25-Shane Clanton [4][$5,000]; 3. 44-Chris Madden [12][$3,000]; 4. 157-Mike Marlar [24][$2,500]; 5. 1-Brandon Sheppard [11][$2,000]; 6. 90-Brian Rickman [1][$1,700]; 7. 21-Billy Moyer [8][$1,400]; 8. 116-Brandon Overton [16][$1,300]; 9. 14m-Morgan Bagley [6][$1,200]; 10. 14z-Zack McMillan [10][$1,100]; 11. 97-Cade Dillard [22][$1,050]; 12. 91-Tyler Erb [7][$1,000]; 13. 7-Rick Eckert [15][$950]; 14. B1-Brent Larson [19][$900]; 15. 1c-Chad Thrash [20][$850]; 16. 99B-Boom Briggs [27][$110]; 17. 18c-Chase Junghans [25][$110]; 18. 18s-Jack Sullivan [18][$750]; 19. 86-Rick Rickman [5][$730]; 20. 54-David Breazeale [9][$700]; 21. CJ1-Rusty Schlenk [14][$700]; 22. 9-Devin Moran [23][$700]; 23. 22-Chris Ferguson [13][$700]; 24. 21xxx-Neil Baggett [3][$700]; 25. C8-Timothy Culp [17][$700]; 26. 6-Blake Spencer [28][$110]; 27. 1x-Chub Frank [26][$110]; 28. 4-Michael Arnold [21][$700]

Hard Charger: 157-Mike Marlar[+20]

Qualifying Flight-A: 1. 21xxx-Neil Baggett, 12.271; 2. 21jr-Billy Moyer, 12.642; 3. 54-David Breazeale, 12.702; 4. 14z-Zack McMillan, 12.751; 5. 14m-Morgan Bagley, 12.754; 6. 21-Billy Moyer, 12.759; 7. 4-Michael Arnold, 12.764; 8. 18c-Chase Junghans, 12.767; 9. B1-Brent Larson, 12.787; 10. 777-Jared Landers, 12.788; 11. 99B-Boom Briggs, 12.825; 12. 51m-Joey Moriarty, 12.863; 13. 10-Spencer Hughes, 12.918; 14. CJ1-Rusty Schlenk, 12.942; 15. 22-Chris Ferguson, 12.954; 16. 6r-Robbie Stuart, 13.109; 17. 17-Billy Franklin, 13.146; 18. 9-Devin Moran, 13.189; 19. C8-Timothy Culp, 13.855; DNS. 15-Chris Smith, NT

Qualifying Flight-B: 1. 90-Brian Rickman, 12.271; 2. 25-Shane Clanton, 12.366; 3. 86-Rick Rickman, 12.462; 4. 44-Chris Madden, 12.541; 5. 1-Brandon Sheppard, 12.572; 6. 91-Tyler Erb, 12.644; 7. 97-Cade Dillard, 12.691; 8. 5-Jon Mitchell, 12.804; 9. 7-Rick Eckert, 12.85; 10. 1c-Chad Thrash, 12.855; 11. 3-Shay Knight, 12.88; 12. 116-Brandon Overton, 12.992; 13. 18s-Jack Sullivan, 12.996; 14. 157-Mike Marlar, 13.051; 15. 1x-Chub Frank, 13.086; 16. 1b-BJ Robinson, 13.146; 17. 94-Austin Rettig, 13.225; 18. 44h-Dave Hess, 13.33; 19. 6-Blake Spencer, NT

Heat #1 – Flight (A) (10 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. 21xxx-Neil Baggett [1]; 2. 14m-Morgan Bagley [3]; 3. 54-David Breazeale [2]; 4. 22-Chris Ferguson [8]; 5. 4-Michael Arnold [4]; 6. C8-Timothy Culp [10]; 7. 99B-Boom Briggs [6]; 8. B1-Brent Larson [5]; 9. 10-Spencer Hughes [7]; 10. 17-Billy Franklin [9]

Heat #2 – Flight (A) (10 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. 21jr-Billy Moyer [1]; 2. 21-Billy Moyer [3]; 3. 14z-Zack McMillan [2]; 4. CJ1-Rusty Schlenk [7]; 5. 777-Jared Landers [5]; 6. 15-Chris Smith [10]; 7. 9-Devin Moran [9]; 8. 18c-Chase Junghans [4]; 9. 51m-Joey Moriarty [6]; 10. 6r-Robbie Stuart [8]

Heat #3 – Flight (B) (10 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. 90-Brian Rickman [1]; 2. 86-Rick Rickman [2]; 3. 1-Brandon Sheppard [3]; 4. 7-Rick Eckert [5]; 5. 18s-Jack Sullivan [7]; 6. 94-Austin Rettig [9]; 7. 1x-Chub Frank [8]; 8. 3-Shay Knight [6]; 9. 97-Cade Dillard [4]; 10. 6-Blake Spencer [10]

Heat #4 – Flight (B) (10 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. 25-Shane Clanton [1]; 2. 91-Tyler Erb [3]; 3. 44-Chris Madden [2]; 4. 116-Brandon Overton [6]; 5. 157-Mike Marlar [7]; 6. 1c-Chad Thrash [5]; 7. 5-Jon Mitchell [4]; 8. 1b-BJ Robinson [8]; 9. 44h-Dave Hess [9]

Last Chance Showdown 1 (10 Laps) – Top 3 Transfer: 1. C8-Timothy Culp [3][-]; 2. B1-Brent Larson [7][-]; 3. 4-Michael Arnold [1][-]; 4. 18c-Chase Junghans [8][$110]; 5. 9-Devin Moran [6][$110]; 6. 99B-Boom Briggs [5][$110]; 7. 10-Spencer Hughes [9][$110]; 8. 15-Chris Smith [4][]; 9. 51m-Joey Moriarty [10][]; 10. 6r-Robbie Stuart [12][$110]; 11. 777-Jared Landers [2][]; 12. 17-Billy Franklin [11][]

Last Chance Showdown 2 ( 10 Laps): 1. 18s-Jack Sullivan [1][-]; 2. 1c-Chad Thrash [4][-]; 3. 97-Cade Dillard [9][-]; 4. 3-Shay Knight [7][$110]; 5. 94-Austin Rettig [3][$110]; 6. 44h-Dave Hess [10][$110]; 7. 1b-BJ Robinson [8][$110]; 8. 6-Blake Spencer [11][]; 9. 1x-Chub Frank [5][]; 10. 5-Jon Mitchell [6][$110]; 11. 157-Mike Marlar [2]

Points Top 25:

Pos. Car Driver Total Diff Wins Top 5’s Top 10’s Entered Started Earnings Feature
1 1 Brandon Sheppard 586 0 2 4 4 4 4 $32,750 2300
2 44 Chris Madden 580 -6 0 4 4 4 4 $21,250 3200
3 157 Mike Marlar 554 -32 0 3 3 4 4 $11,510 2700
4 7 Rick Eckert 542 -44 0 1 3 4 4 $11,900 1100
5 25 Shane Clanton 528 -58 0 2 3 4 4 $14,000 5300
6 18c Chase Junghans 528 -58 0 1 3 4 4 $7,870 110
7 116 Brandon Overton 512 -74 0 0 2 4 4 $5,760 1350
8 1x Chub Frank 506 -80 0 1 2 4 4 $8,350 160
9 14m Morgan Bagley 500 -86 0 0 2 4 4 $4,840 1250
10 21jr Billy Moyer Jr 498 -88 1 1 2 4 4 $13,610 10250
11 B1 Brent Larson *R 488 -98 0 0 1 4 4 $4,290 1150
12 91 Tyler Erb 478 -108 0 0 1 4 4 $5,200 1100
13 9 Devin Moran 466 -120 0 0 1 4 4 $6,700 750
14 54 David Breazeale *R 462 -124 0 0 0 4 4 $4,250 700
15 22 Chris Ferguson *R 440 -146 0 0 0 4 4 $3,555 700
16 C8 Timothy Culp *R 438 -148 0 0 0 4 4 $3,695 725
17 CJ1 Rusty Schlenk *R 428 -158 0 0 0 4 4 $3,080 700
18 99B Boom Briggs 408 -178 0 0 0 4 2 $1,400 110
19 14z Zack McMillan 382 -204 0 0 1 4 1 $1,700 1150
20 6 Blake Spencer 372 -214 0 0 0 4 2 $550 110
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Summit Modified Nationals Joins DIRTcar Summer Nationals for the Eighth Straight Year

Eighth Annual Tour for DIRTcar UMP Modifieds will see Teams have a Chance to Race in 33 Shows

CONCORD, NC — Dec. 7, 2017 — For the eighth consecutive year, the cars and stars of the DIRTcar UMP Modifieds will join the most grueling and intimidating tour in short track racing. The Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals will mirror the DIRTcar Summer Nationals Hell Tour in 2018 by joining their DIRTcar Late Model counterparts for 28 races in 32 days in seven states. Then the Modifieds will conclude their own version of the Summer Nationals with five additional events held as part of the 29th annual Prairie Dirt Classic at Fairbury American Legion Speedway on Friday-Saturday, July 27-28, 2018. The top Modified drivers in the country will chase after a minimum of $1,000 each night and a $5,000 prize for winning the 2018 Summit Modified Nationals Championship as well as bonuses and contingencies totaling almost $50,000.

It all begins on Wednesday, June 13 at Peoria Speedway as the UMP Modifieds kick off their eighth Summit Modified Nationals with their eighth-ever appearance at the track and first of 17 races in the state of Illinois. Then on Thursday, June 14, it’s a return trip to Kankakee County Speedway for the ninth all-time race there. The second-ever appearance at Sycamore Speedway is next for the Mods on Friday, June 15 before the first-ever appearance at the immaculate Dirt Oval at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL on Saturday, June 16. The first week concludes on Sunday, June 17 with a return trip to Plymouth Speedway and the first of four races in the state of Indiana.

The second week of Summit Modified Nationals competition starts at Belle-Clair Speedway, followed by trips to Jacksonville Raceway, Spoon River Speedway and Tri-City Speedway on Tuesday-Friday, June 19-22. On Saturday, June 23, the track that has hosted the most races in the tour’s history, the popular Fairbury American Legion Speedway is next. This event will be the 15th race in Summit Modified history and first of six in 2018. The second week ends on Sunday, June 24 with a trip back to the Hoosier State and the milestone 10th all-time race at Tri-State Speedway

The third week of the Summit Modified Nationals starts on Tuesday, June 26 at Charleston Speedway. Then for the first time since 2013, Paducah International Raceway, located just south of the Indiana/Kentucky state line in Paducah, KY returns to the Summit Modified schedule on Wednesday, June 27 for the lone trip to the Blue Grass State in 2018. Also returning to the schedule, after a year off, is LaSalle Speedway on Thursday, June 28. Then it’s right back to Indiana on Friday, June 29 at Terre Haute Action Track. On Saturday, June 30, the month ends with the long trip to the Show Me State for the fifth time in Summit Modified history at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55. The third week ends on Sunday, July 1 with the fifth all-time race at Lincoln Speedway.

“Coming off a thrilling end to the 2017 Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals tour, we can’t wait to get the 2018 tour underway,” said Summit Racing Equipment Motorsport and Events Manager Jim Greenleaf. “The grueling test that it takes to run this tour is one thing but to have the level of competition to go along with it is a true testament to DIRTcar UMP Modifieds.”

The Summit Modified Nationals roll into the fourth week of competition with the lone Volunteer State invasion on Tuesday, July 3 and the fifth all-time appearance at Clarksville Speedway. The next race will see the Summit Modified Nationals celebrate the United States of America’s 242nd birthday with the eighth-ever event at Fayette County Speedway on Wednesday, July 4. Next on the schedule is Thursday, July 5 at Macon Speedway, while Farmer City Raceway is on Friday, July 6 with the sixth ever appearance there. On Saturday, July 7 the road weary teams will head to Highland Speedway for the seventh-ever race there. Week four concludes on Sunday, July 8th with the fifth-ever Summit Modified race at Quincy Raceways.

The fifth week of the Summit Modified Nationals starts with the tour’s first-ever appearance at Shadyhill Speedway in Medaryville, IN on Tuesday, July 10. Then the next night, Thunderbird Raceway in Muskegon, MI will try again to host its first-ever Summit Modified Nationals event on Wednesday, July 11. In 2017, the originally scheduled first-ever Summit Modified race at the 1/3-mile circular shaped/semi-banked dirt oval located along the Lake Michigan shoreline, was rained out. Then it’s time for the traditional doubleheader weekend at Oakshade Raceway on Friday-Saturday, July 13-14 with the milestone 10th (Friday) and 11th (Saturday) all-time appearances.

The Summit Modified Nationals teams will get some time off before they conclude their 2018 schedule on Friday-Saturday, July 27-28 back at Fairbury American Legion Speedway for the tour finales. On Friday, four Feature races will set the field for Saturday’s $5,000-to-win headliner. This event will showcase the 16-20th races in Summit Modified Nationals history at #FALS (the most at any track) and the final five races in 2018, crowning the 2018 Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals Champion.

To see the full schedule and for more information about the 2018 Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals, visit You can also follow the tour throughout the off-season and into race month by visiting the DIRTcar Summer Nationals social channels. Just search for “Summer Nationals” on both Facebook and Twitter for the very latest updates. Every night of the 2018 Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals, the DIRTcar UMP Modifieds will be joined by the headlining DIRTcar Summer Nationals Hell Tour for DIRTcar Late Models. Information on the Late Models can be found at:

–By: Matt Prieur


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DIRTcar Nationals Just Got Bigger

Now five nights of Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block action and four nights of World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models Feb 6-17, 2018 at Volusia Speedway Park

CONCORD, NC — Oct. 25, 2017 — The 2018 racing calendar just got more exciting…what better way to start a new season than with 12 nights of racing in Florida in February. Major changes to the event program highlight the new and exciting schedule for the 47th annual DIRTcar Nationals as the racing season kicks off Feb. 6 through 17, 2018.

New to the 2017 DIRTcar National schedule is added nights for the premier dirt racing series in the Northeast, the Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds and the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series where Every Night is a Shootout. The DIRTcar UMP Modified all feature night featuring Triple-20’s has been moved up earlier in the week to Friday, Feb. 9. The All Star Circuit of Champions kick off five straight nights of Sprint Car action on Feb. 7th and 8th, while the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series will be in action from Friday, Feb. 9 to Sunday, Feb. 11. The 12-nights of racing at Volusia Speedway Park will conclude with five days of action for the Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds and four nights for the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models on Saturday, Feb. 17.

Over the course of the 12 action-packed nights, drivers in their respective divisions will be competing for one the most sought-after trophies in racing, the Big Gator. This past winter Nick Hoffman in the Modifieds, David Gravel in the Sprint Cars, Brett Hearn in the Big-Block Modifieds, and Shane Clanton in the Late Models all wrangled the competition to take home the Big Gator prize to kick off the racing season.

The historic DIRTcar Nationals is the most accessible motorsports event in Florida in February. Every ticket to DIRTcar Nationals is a hot pass, so fans can get up close and personal to all the action — and to their favorite drivers.

Volusia Speedway Park, located in Barberville, Florida, is a half-mile, high-banked, clay oval, known as the World’s Fastest Half Mile. The track opened as a quarter-mile oval in 1968 and then expanded to a three-eighths-mile in 1969, and then once again expanded to a half-mile in 1972. The clay oval was paved in 1989 and was then converted back to dirt in 1997 and has been dirt ever since.

To see the full schedule breakdown, visit Tickets for DIRTcar Nationals start at just $20 and are on sale now by calling 844-DIRT-TIX (347-8849), or by visiting Follow DIRTcar Nationals on Twitter.

—DIRTcar Nationals PR

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DIRTcar Fall Nationals Kicks Off after Battle with Mother Nature

Strickler, Rice, Hoffman & Mielke Bag $2,000 Each after Winning DIRTcar UMP Modified Features at Eldora Speedway

Rossburg, OH — Oct. 6th, 2017 — It was Night I, Take II of the Allstar Performance DIRTcar Fall Nationals at the famed half-mile high-banked dirt oval at Eldora Speedway, located just east of the Indiana/Ohio state line in Rossburg, Ohio. After the originally scheduled first night on Thursday, October 5 was rained out, the forecast looked dreary again for Friday. However, Track Officials waited out Mother Nature, and the fans in attendance were rewarded with 85 DIRTcar UMP Modifieds on the property. Kyle Strickler, Josh Rice, Nick Hoffman and David Mielke each collected $2,000 apiece for their Feature wins.

In the first $2,000-to-win, 20-lap Feature, Keystone State-traveler Dan Davies and Buckeye State-native Nathan Loney led the field to the green flag. After a complete restart, Loney grabed the early lead. However, on lap three, Kyle Strickler, who started third, took the top spot, and the Mooresville, NC star made no mistake the rest of the way en route to his third career Eldora Speedway Feature win and first since the 2015 DIRTcar Fall Nationals. Loney settled for second while Ray Bollinger, second in DIRTcar UMP Modified National points coming into the weekend, finished on the podium in third. David Stremme grabbed fourth ahead of fellow former NASCAR star Kenny Wallace, who completed the top five. Brandon Green, Will Krup, Davies, Will Norris and Mark Beard round out the top 10.

The second 20-lap Feature would see Canadian Joel Dick and another Buckeye State native, Jesse Wisecarver, lead the field in search of the second $2,000 payday of the night. Wisecarver rocketed out to the early lead. Josh Rice slowly picked his way through the field from his fifth starting spot and soon found himself on Wisecarver’s back bumper. With four laps to go, Rice made the winning pass, and the Verona, KY standout hung on for his second career Eldora Feature win and first since September 19, 2014. Wisecarver finished second over Dylan Woodling, while NASCAR Camping World Truck Series star Justin Haley and Josh Harris made top five. Mike Learman was sixth as Jared Spalding, Jimmy Lennex Jr., Brandon Vaughan and Blake Spalding completed the top 10.

Evan Taylor and Jordan Conover started on the front row for the third 20-lap, $2,000-to-win main event for the DIRTcar UMP Modifieds, and Taylor led the first five laps. The Pennsylvania native then had to deal with 2016 Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals Champion Nick Hoffman, who took the lead on lap six. The Mooresville, NC driver made it two wins for the Tar Heel State on the night. This was Hoffman’s fifth career Eldora Feature win and first since September 30, 2016. Taylor finished second with Eldora points leader and four-time track champion (three of those titles in Modifieds) Jerry Bowersock coming home third. Chad Bauer scored a fourth place showing ahead of Troy Johnson, who finished off the top five. Garret Stewart was sixth ahead of Cody Bauer as Allen Weisser, Earnie Woodard and Jason Brookover were the final top 10.

The final 20-lap DIRTcar UMP Modified Feature of the night would see Michigan veteran Curt Spalding and Kentucky star Tyler Nicely bring the field down to the green flag for the final shot at a $2,000 payday. Spalding jumped out to the early advantage and set a torrid early pace. Five-time DIRTcar UMP Modified Michigan State Champion David Mielke began his charge from his fifth starting spot and soon found himself on the back bumper of the fellow Great Lakes State competitor. After several laps of battling side by side, Mielke took the lead for the final time with three laps to go, earning the Gladwin, MI star his second career Eldora Feature win and first since April 16, 2016. Spalding settled for second ahead of Ryan Sutter, while Taylor Cook and Nicely wrapped up the top five. Derrick Ramey was sixth ahead of Jamie Carter as Jamie Lomax, Branden Rassell and Bill Keeler were the top 10.

Earlier in the evening, K.C. Burdette out-qualified the 87-car field on the property with an impressive 17.355, at 103.616 mph. Strickler, Trent Young, Jacob Hawkins, Joel Dick. Hoffman, E. Taylor, J. Taylor and Mielke all scored the Heat Race victories that set the four feature fields.

Night II of the Allstar Performance DIRTcar Fall Nationals will see the DIRTcar Late Models join the Modifieds for an action-packed night of racing. The battle for the DIRTcar Late Models National points title will come down to 2010 National Champion Rusty Schlenk and 2011 National Champion Ryan Unzicker, who are separated by a mere nine markers. The 2017 Sunoco American Late Model Series Championship is on the line as Jon Henry merely needs to start the feature to clinch his third Sunoco ALMS title and first since 2011. Meanwhile, Eldora Track Champion Kent Robinson has a slim 10-point lead over Henry, who has a shot at two titles in one night. Jacob Hawkins and Jeff Babcock are third and fourth and have a mathematical chance at the track championship.

In the DIRTcar UMP Modifieds, Mike Harrison has already clinched his record sixth DIRTcar UMP Modified National Championship, while the top eight drivers in the Eldora Track standings going into the weekend all had a chance at the title, led by four-time track champion (three of those in a Modified) Jerry Bowersock. Of the top eight still alive in the chase for the championship, only Bowersock (third in the third Feature), Dylan Woodling (third in the second Feature), Ryan Sutter (third in the fourth Feature) and Evan Taylor (second in the third Feature) recorded top-five finishes on opening night of the Allstar Performance DIRTcar Fall Nationals.

Allstar Performance DIRTcar Fall Nationals – Friday, Oct. 6, 2017
DIRTcar UMP Modifieds – 87 cars

Feature 1 – (20 Laps) — 1. 8-Kyle Strickler[3] ; 2. 10L-Nathon Loney[2] ; 3. 77B-Ray Bollinger[8] ; 4. 35S-David Stremme[6] ; 5. 36W-Kenny Wallace[12] ; 6. 51G-Brandon Green[4] ; 7. K9-Will Krup[7] ; 8. 71DD-Dan Davies[1] ; 9. 71-Will Norris[14] ; 10. 28-Mark Beard[11] ; 11. 2M-David Mitchell[15] ; 12. 27-Frank Paladino[18] ; 13. 21-Sean Monaghan[17] ; 14. 47B-Joe Brosseau[13] ; 15. 33-Mike Gemmer[20] ; 16. 28D-Jeff Deckard[9] ; 17. 90-Jason Beaulieu[10] ; 18. 11R-Ed Roley[16] ; 19. 10Y-Trent Young[5] ; 20. 74-Lenny Guyton[21]

Feature 2 – (20 Laps) — 1. 11-Josh Rice[5] ; 2. 101-Jesse Wisecarver[2] ; 3. 3W-Dylan Woodling[4] ; 4. 99-Justin Haley[8] ; 5. 22-Josh Harris[3] ; 6. 4L-Mike Learman[7] ; 7. 11J-Jared Spalding[10] ; 8. 8L-Jimmy Lennex Jr.[11] ; 9. 36-Brandon Vaughan[17] ; 10. 1S-Blake Spalding[15] ; 11. 98P-Patrick Lajeunesse[14] ; 12. 36S-Adam Schaeff[13] ; 13. 22T-Tony Anderson[12] ; 14. 29-Danny Moore[20] ; 15. 13H-Jacob Hawkins[6] ; 16. 09D-Joel Dick[1] ; 17. 1-Scott Williams[9]

Feature 3 – (20 Laps) — 1. 2-Nick Hoffman[6] ; 2. 7-Evan Taylor[1] ; 3. 95J-Jerry Bowersock[5] ; 4. 19B-Chad Bauer[9] ; 5. 2J-Troy Johnson[7] ; 6. 67GS-Garret Stewart[11] ; 7. 19X-Cody Bauer[18] ; 8. 25w-Allen Weisser[13] ; 9. 01-Earnie Woodard[10] ; 10. 28B-Jason Brookover[8] ; 11. 11N-Gene Nicholas[15] ; 12. 69JR-Jimmy Farris[22] ; 13. 67-Warren Shingleton[16] ; 14. 55-Alyssa Rowe[17] ; 15. 7C-Jordan Conover[2] ; 16. 12C-Jeff Curl[4] ; 17. 71D-Anthony Davis[12] ; 18. 13-Andy Galgoci[3] ; 19. 89-Rodney Morgan[14] ; 20. 115-Mike Knepley[19]

Feature 4 – (20 Laps) — 1. 87-David Mielke[5] ; 2. 111-Curt Spalding[1] ; 3. 18-Ryan Sutter[4] ; 4. 21C-Taylor Cook[7] ; 5. 25N-Tyler Nicely[2] ; 6. 91-Derrick Ramey[11] ; 7. 15-Jamie Carter[13] ; 8. 36L-Jamie Lomax[12] ; 9. 01R-Branden Rassell[15] ; 10. 20K-Bill Keeler[17] ; 11. 24-Zeke McKenzie[9] ; 12. 44-Scott Boyd[14] ; 13. 21S-Danny Schwartz[8] ; 14. 5-Jonathan Taylor[3] ; 15. 44KC-KC Burdette[6] ; 16. 4G-Bill Griffith[18] ; 17. 20M-Josh Morton[10]

Qualifying: 1.44KC-KC Burdette, 17.355; 2.87-David Mielke, 17.401; 3.21C-Taylor Cook, 17.424; 4.12-Rick Aukland, 17.533; 5.99-Justin Haley, 17.539; 6.21S-Danny Schwartz, 17.561; 7.16-Jeff Koz, 17.578; 8.18-Ryan Sutter, 17.607; 9.19B-Chad Bauer, 17.611; 10.13H-Jacob Hawkins, 17.722; 11.5-Jonathan Taylor, 17.723; 12.95J-Jerry Bowersock, 17.735; 13.11-Josh Rice, 17.750; 14.35S-David Stremme, 17.757; 15.36L-Jamie Lomax, 17.768; 16.20M-Josh Morton, 17.771; 17.90-Jason Beaulieu, 17.772; 18.24-Zeke McKenzie, 17.795; 19.111-Curt Spalding, 17.823; 20.7-Evan Taylor, 17.828; 21.3W-Dylan Woodling, 17.834; 22.25N-Tyler Nicely, 17.836; 23.36W-Kenny Wallace, 17.848; 24.28B-Jason Brookover, 17.856; 25.22-Josh Harris, 17.860; 26.10Y-Trent Young, 17.863; 27.101-Jesse Wisecarver, 17.863; 28.25w-Allen Weisser, 17.914; 29.77B-Ray Bollinger, 17.928; 30.91-Derrick Ramey, 17.932; 31.09D-Joel Dick, 17.948; 32.51G-Brandon Green, 17.977; 33.52-Weasel Phlipot, 17.981; 34.01R-Branden Rassell, 18.001; 35.8-Kyle Strickler, 18.004; 36.12C-Jeff Curl, 18.011; 37.10L-Nathon Loney, 18.033; 38.71-Will Norris, 18.040; 39.2J-Troy Johnson, 18.052; 40.36-Brandon Vaughan, 18.063; 41.01-Earnie Woodard, 18.092; 42.1S-Blake Spalding, 18.101; 43.5X-Tim Richardson, 18.118; 44.67GS-Garret Stewart, 18.171; 45.4L-Mike Learman, 18.175; 46.71DD-Dan Davies, 18.206; 47.22T-Tony Anderson, 18.208; 48.11H-Mike Hohlbein, 18.219; 49.13-Andy Galgoci, 18.287; 50.15-Jamie Carter, 18.309; 51.11R-Ed Roley, 18.324; 52.7C-Jordan Conover, 18.361; 53.6B-David Baldwin, 18.414; 54.27-Frank Paladino, 18.436; 55.1-Scott Williams, 18.475; 56.69JR-Jimmy Farris, 18.502; 57.C7-Casey Fritz, 18.508; 58.11J-Jared Spalding, 18.512; 59.11N-Gene Nicholas, 18.529; 60.19X-Cody Bauer, 18.576; 61.33-Mike Gemmer, 18.683; 62.K9-Will Krup, 18.692; 63.8L-Jimmy Lennex Jr., 18.710; 64.67-Warren Shingleton, 18.720; 65.28D-Jeff Deckard, 18.737; 66.29-Danny Moore, 18.780; 67.28-Mark Beard, 18.854; 68.25-Bud Watson, 18.860; 69.71D-Anthony Davis, 18.873; 70.20K-Bill Keeler, 18.891; 71.1R-Rob Williams, 18.901; 72.2M-David Mitchell, 18.963; 73.47B-Joe Brosseau, 18.964; 74.55-Alyssa Rowe, 18.980; 75.98P-Patrick LaJeunesse, 19.141; 76.74-Lenny Guyton, 19.197; 77.4G-Bill Griffith, 19.732; 78.36S-Adam Schaeff, 20.216; 79.44-Scott Boyd, 20.734; 80.76-Brad Smith, 99.991; 81.21-Sean Monaghan, 99.992; 82.17-Nicole Spalding, 99.993; 83.4-Jon Henry, 99.994; 84.115-Mikel Knepley, 99.995; 85.2-Nick Hoffman, 99.996; 86.89-Rodney Morgan, 99.997; 87.51-RJ Otto, 99.998;

Heat 1, Group A – (10 Laps) — 1. 8-Kyle Strickler[5] ; 2. 71DD-Dan Davies[4] ; 3. 35S-David Stremme[6] ; 4. K9-Will Krup[3] ; 5. 28D-Jeff Deckard[2] ; 6. 28-Mark Beard[1] ; 7. 47B-Joe Brosseau[8] ; 8. 2M-David Mitchell[7] ; 9. 21-Sean Monaghan[11] ; 10. 76-Brad Smith[10] ; 11. 74-Lenny Guyton[9]

Heat 2, Group B – (10 Laps) — 1. 10Y-Trent Young[4] ; 2. 51G-Brandon Green[2] ; 3. 10L-Nathon Loney[1] ; 4. 77B-Ray Bollinger[3] ; 5. 90-Jason Beaulieu[6] ; 6. 36W-Kenny Wallace[5] ; 7. 71-Will Norris[7] ; 8. 11R-Ed Roley[8] ; 9. 27-Frank Paladino[9] ; 10. 33-Mike Gemmer[10] ; 11. 25-Bud Watson[11]

Heat 3, Group C – (10 Laps) — 1. 13H-Jacob Hawkins[6] ; 2. 11-Josh Rice[5] ; 3. 3W-Dylan Woodling[4] ; 4. 4L-Mike Learman[1] ; 5. 1-Scott Williams[7] ; 6. 8L-Jimmy Lennex Jr.[9] ; 7. 36S-Adam Schaeff[10] ; 8. 1S-Blake Spalding[2] ; 9. 36-Brandon Vaughan[3] ; 10. C7-Casey Fritz[8]

Heat 4, Group D – (10 Laps) — 1. 09D-Joel Dick[2] ; 2. 101-Jesse Wisecarver[3] ; 3. 22-Josh Harris[4] ; 4. 99-Justin Haley[5] ; 5. 11J-Jared Spalding[7] ; 6. 22T-Tony Anderson[1] ; 7. 98P-Patrick LaJeunesse[10] ; 8. 1R-Rob Williams[9] ; 9. 4-Jon Henry[11] ; 10. 29-Danny Moore[8]

Heat 5, Group E – (10 Laps) — 1. 2-Nick Hoffman[11] ; 2. 7C-Jordan Conover[1] ; 3. 95J-Jerry Bowersock[5] ; 4. 2J-Troy Johnson[3] ; 5. 19B-Chad Bauer[6] ; 6. 67GS-Garret Stewart[2] ; 7. 25w-Allen Weisser[4] ; 8. 11N-Gene Nicholas[8] ; 9. 55-Alyssa Rowe[9] ; 10. 115-Mikel Knepley[10]

Heat 6, Group F – (10 Laps) — 1. 7-Evan Taylor[6] ; 2. 12C-Jeff Curl[4] ; 3. 13-Andy Galgoci[1] ; 4. 28B-Jason Brookover[5] ; 5. 01-Earnie Woodard[3] ; 6. 71D-Anthony Davis[10] ; 7. 89-Rodney Morgan[11] ; 8. 67-Warren Shingleton[9] ; 9. 19X-Cody Bauer[8] ; 10. 11H-Mike Hohlbein[2]

Heat 7, Group G – (10 Laps) — 1. 5-Jonathan Taylor[3] ; 2. 111-Curt Spalding[1] ; 3. 44KC-KC Burdette[6] ; 4. 21C-Taylor Cook[5] ; 5. 24-Zeke McKenzie[2] ; 6. 91-Derrick Ramey[7] ; 7. 15-Jamie Carter[10] ; 8. 01R-Branden Rassell[8] ; 9. 20K-Bill Keeler[11] ; 10. 16-Jeff Koz[4] ; 11. 5X-Tim Richardson[9]

Heat 8, Group H – (10 Laps) — 1. 87-David Mielke[6] ; 2. 25N-Tyler Nicely[1] ; 3. 18-Ryan Sutter[4] ; 4. 21S-Danny Schwartz[5] ; 5. 20M-Josh Morton[2] ; 6. 36L-Jamie Lomax[3] ; 7. 44-Scott Boyd[9]

Matt Prieur – DIRTcar Press Release

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Monopolizing Half-Miles

CONCORD, NC— Aug. 8, 2017— Two back-to-back shootouts at half-mile dirt ovals await the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series at Georgetown Speedway on Aug. 17 and Port Royal Speedway on Aug. 19.

Known as a king of half-miles, Rick Eckert will be looking to piggy-back off of his recent success at Shawano Speedway, where he led flag-to-flag to claim his second Series win in a dominating performance over a hard-charging Chris Madden and Don O’Neal.

While Eckert’s momentum didn’t continue into USA Nationals at Cedar Lake Speedway, he will surely look to revive his fortune in the upcoming Series races. The Outlaws’ first-ever visit to Georgetown Speedway will feature 40 laps and a $10,000 payday, followed by the Series’ return to Port Royal Speedway for the first time in a decade with 50 laps and $10,000 to win.

Both tracks are familiar territory for the Series veteran from York, PA. Eckert claimed a victory at Port Royal Speedway with the Lucas Oil Late Model Series earlier this season. Furthermore, Eckert finished second after a last-lap pass by regional racer Dale Hollidge during a 2016 Ultimate Super Late Model Series event at Georgetown Speedway.

Tickets for the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series first-ever appearance at Georgetown Speedway on Aug. 17 and the Series return to Port Royal Speedway on Aug. 19 are available now. After the race at Georgetown Speedway, take your ticket stub to Sears Center at Salisbury Mall in Salisbury, MD, spend $20 on Craftsman tools and receive a free Outlaws hat while supplies last. For more information on upcoming Series events visit our website.

– World of Outlaws Press Release

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Matt Sheppard Scores First Career Ransomville Win at Summer Nationals

Extends Series Win Streak to Three Races

RANSOMVILLE, NY – August 8, 2017 – Matt Sheppard was the third and final leader after he took the point position from Billy Decker on lap 49 and led the remaining 52 laps to win his third straight Super DIRTcar Series race in the 33rd Summer Nationals at Ransomville Speedway on Tuesday night. The victory was also Sheppard’s first career win at Ransomville and prevented rival Stewart Friesen from winning the event for the third straight year at his childhood track.

“I’ve won a lot of races at a lot of different racetracks, but Ransomville was never one of them,” Sheppard said in Victory Lane. “We were so close last year. Me and Stewie (Friesen) had a heck of a battle (last year). It just feels great to finally get to Victory Lane here, especially in such a special event.”

Billy Decker threw everything he had at Sheppard to try and retake the lead off the final restart with five laps to go, but fell 0.923 seconds short of a victory. Decker did manage to win an extended battle with Larry Wight to extend his point lead, which was just two markers entering the event. Ransomville regular Erick Rudolph and Stewart Friesen rounded out the top-five.

“Certainly, you like to win, but we’ll take it,” Decker said. “The Page Trucking car was pretty good. (I was ) dicing it out there heavy in lapped traffic. That was getting dicey, I’ll tell ya. The fans saw a pretty good race out there. We’ll take it.”

The 100-lap race began with local pilot Kenny Wills III on the pole and Jimmy Phelps to his outside. Phelps led the opening lap and paced the field through a trio of cautions in the first 30 laps before Decker made his bid for the top spot. Decker seized a lap 32 opportunity when Phelps bobbled on the cushion in turn two, allowing the No.91 to race to the bottom of the track and take the lead.

It was brief, however, as Phelps retook the point the following lap, but remained under siege from Decker until the two drivers exchanged the lead again on laps 38 and 39. On lap 40, Sheppard got past Phelps for second and set out to track down Decker.

The caution waved again on lap 41 when Keith Flach slowed in turn four. When the race resumed on lap 47, Friesen jumped to third while Sheppard continued to pressure Decker. On lap 49, Sheppard made the decisive move of the race when he drove under Decker in turn four to claim the lead.

Over the final 52 laps, Sheppard pounded his No.9s against the cushion in turns one and two, but tried both the inside and outside lanes in turns three and four as he navigated through the traffic.

“It was a fine line up on the wall,” Sheppard said. “It was a little closer to the wall than I like to run, but that’s just part of the deal here at Ransomville. I’m just very fortunate. A lot of people got messed up on the bottom on restarts early, but my car was good enough early I could maintain and not lose any spots. It seemed like the longer the race went, the better we got.”

Wight jumped into the top-three off a lap 62 restart and then spent the better part of the final 35 laps dueling side-by-side with Decker for second. Wight lost the battle on lap 86 when he went off the track in turn two trying to avoid contact with a lapped car. It was the second time in the race Wight had to take evasive action to quickly avoid serious problems. Earlier in the race, he hit the outside wall and all but destroyed the body on the right side of the car. Regardless, Wight was happy with the run.

“We’re happy with it,” Wight said. “That’s just sheet metal. The main components of the car were fine and the car still handled alright. We can bang that out and patch it up for tomorrow and give it another run.”

Sheppard was able to outpace Decker in clean air over the final 10 laps, but restarts on laps 93 and 95 forced him to hit his marks as Decker lurked within five car lengths each time.

Wight was the race’s KSE Hard Charger, advancing seven positions from 10th to 3rd. Decker was the Fast Qualifier with a lap of 16.151 seconds around the 3/8-mile oval. Decker, Wight Sheppard and Max McLaughlin claimed heat race wins. McLaughlin was also the recipient of the Speedy First Aid Hard Luck Award after a he slowed on lap 57. He was able to race his way back to 14th, but lost out on a top-10 finish.

Ransomville’s 358 Modified weekly points leader Ryan Susice won the Last Chance Qualifier. McLaughlin and Mike Mahaney were eligible for the 811 Dig Safely New York redraw bonus award if either could win from the eighth or eleventh starting positions, but were unsuccessful.

The Super DIRTcar Series returns to action on Wednesday, August 9 at Merrittville Speedway for the rescheduled Bob St. Amand Memorial 100. Race time is 7:00pm with Hot Laps and qualfiying taking place beforehand at 6:15pm. For additional event information, visit

Ransomville Speedway Notebook – August 8, 2017

Feature (100 Laps) – 1. 9s-Matt Sheppard [5]; 2. 91-Billy Decker [3]; 3. 99L-Larry Wight [10]; 4. 25-Erick Rudolph [6]; 5. 44-Stewart Friesen [7]; 6. 19-Tim Fuller [4]; 7. 88m-Mike Mahaney [11]; 8. 42p-Pat Ward [13]; 9. 42-Pete Bicknell [16]; 10. 21a-Peter Britten [14]; 11. 98h-Jimmy Phelps [2]; 12. 20-Brett Hearn [12]; 13. 38s-Ryan Susice [21]; 14. 6h-Max McLaughlin [8]; 15. 109-Billy Whittaker [9]; 16. 20m-Jeff McGinnis [19]; 17. 43-Keith Flach [17]; 18. 111-Allan Wills [27]; 19. 37s-Tommy Flannigan [26]; 20. 26-Rick Richner [22]; 21. 22-Brandon Walters [18]; 22. 8-Rich Scagliotta [15]; 23. 27-Jim Zimmerman [24]; 24. 56-Steve Schumacher [25]; 25. 21-Kenny Wills III [1]; 26. 7-Scott Kerwin [23]; 27. 11s-Steve Lewis Jr. [28]; 28. 55c-Steve Cotriss [20]; 29. 678-John Smith [29]; 30. DNS 7m-Mike Maresca

For complete results from the Super DIRTcar Series 33rd Summer Nationals at Ransomville, click here.

CONTINGENCY WINNERS: VP Racing Fuels ($50 Cash): Pat Ward; Fast Qualifier ($100 Cash): Billy Decker; Bicknell Racing Products ($100 Product Certificate): Matt Sheppard; Cometic Gasket ($50 Cash): Jeff McGinnis; Comp Cams($50 Cash): Peter Britten; Comp Cams ($50 Product Certificate): Matt Sheppard; Edelbrock ($50 Cash): Peter Britten; Fox Racing Shocks ($50 Cash): Erick Rudolph; JE Pistons ($50 Cash): Stewart Friesen; JE Pistons (Product Certificate): Jeff McGinnis; JE Pistons (Product Certificate): Brandon Walters; KSE Racing Products Inc. ($50 Product Certificate): Larry Wight (+7); MSD Ignition ($50 Cash): Matt Sheppard; MSD Ignition ($25 Cash): Kenny Wills III; SuperFlow Dynos & Flowbenches ($50 Cash): Jeff McGinnis; Wrisco Aluminum (Product Certificate): Matt Sheppard; JRI Shocks ($50 Cash): Max McLaughlin; Dig Safely 811 Redraw Bonus ($100 Cash): N/A; Speedy First Aid Hard Luck Award (Product Certificate): Max McLaughlin; ASi Racewear ($50 Cash): Mike Mahaney.


  • Matt Sheppard – 4 (Five Mile Point Speedway on June 11; Autodrome Granby on July 25; Autodrome Drummond on July 26; Ransomville Speedway on August 8)
  • Billy Decker – 3 (Fulton Speedway on April 29; Outlaw Speedway on June 20; Eldora Speedway on July 18)
  • Stewart Friesen – 2 (Utica-Rome Speedway on July 2, Weedsport Speedway on July 11)
  • Ryan Watt – 1 (Bridgeport Speedway on May 16)
  • Tim McCreadie – 1 (Albany-Saratoga Speedway on June 27)
  • Larry Wight – 1 (Airborne Park Speedway on July 6)
  • Peter Britten – 1 (Sharon Speedway on July 20)

– Super DIRTcar Press Release

– Photo Courtesy: Rick Young

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Schatz Outlasts Kaeding and Stewart for Victory at Dakota State Fair

Schatz Picks up 13th Victory of the Outlaws Season

HURON, S.D — July 1, 2017 — Starting from the front row, Shane Stewart grabbed the lead exiting Turn 2 on the opening lap and set sail setting a blistering pace. With the main event being cut short by one lap due to track conditions, Stewart had to withstand one final restart. On that restart with one lap to go, Stewart restarted directly in front of Schatz. The top two of Stewart and Schatz headed down the backstretch coming to the checkers. Schatz was able to get a run on the high side coming out of Turn 2 allowing him to drive by Stewart to pick up his 13th victory of the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series season.

In a night that saw numerous flat tires throughout the 22-car field, the 30-lap race at Dakota State Fair Speedway was shortened to 29 laps due to track conditions.

Shane Stewart, the driver of the No. 2 Larson Marks Racing entry has been on a hot streak over the last couple of week. Having won two-in-a-row at West Liberty and Beaver Dam, just a week ago, Stewart was looking to pick up his fifth win of the season at Dakota State Fair Speedway on Saturday night.

After jumping out to an early lead on the start, Stewart set a blistering pace putting a gap between him and the No. 9 of Daryn Pittman who also started on the front row with Stewart. The first of six stoppages of the night was for the No. 93 who slowed at the top of Turn 1 with a flat tire. Sheldon Haudenschild would recover for a fifth-place finish.

Stewart would jump back out to a big lead on the restart. Schatz who was running third behind Pittman at the time was able to get by the No. 9 Great Clips machine on lap 22 for second. It was on lap 25 that Pittman sustained a flat tire, bringing out a yellow flag.

As the field was coming to get two laps to go at the stripe, Schatz dove aggressively under Stewart for the lead in Turn 3 and made it stick. However, the No. 5 of David Gravel went for a flip in Turn 1 at the same time, giving Stewart the lead back for the restart, Gravel was able to be pushed to the work area but could not return.

“We got by [Stewart] before the red came out,” Said Donny Schatz. “I knew it got to be where [Stewart] was going to stay down on the bottom groove and we just had a little bit left to get around him on the outside coming out of Turn 2.”

Due to track conditions, officials made the decision to the shorten the race by one lap. Stewart regained the lead after the previous lap was not scored complete. Stewart lead Schatz, Kaeding and the rest of the field to the restart where both the green and white flags were displayed.

“Man, that was tough,” said Shane Stewart. “I actually thought my tire was going flat coming to the green [on the last restart]. When [track] takes rubber like this the restarts are so hard on your tires.”

Stewart led into Turn 1 but Schatz used the top grove exiting Turn 2 to get by Stewart for the lead.

“You don’t ever want to lead that many laps and finish third,” said Shane Stewart. “It’s a testament to how good my car is right now. My guys did a great job, just wasn’t meant to be.”

“I’m here to win races, that’s what we’re here to do,” said Schatz regarding his winning pass. “When you’re in second and got an opportunity to win a race, that’s what you’re going to do – you’re going to go for it. You’re not going to do anything silly and we didn’t. We got the win and that’s what matters,” added Schatz.

Schatz would complete the rest of the 3/8th-mile en-route to his 13th victory of the 2017 World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car season.

“We definitely got our monies worth on the tires tonight,” said Donny Schatz who’s right-rear tire was bald.

“I didn’t think it was going to get that abrasive and rubbered up that early,” said Schatz. “Shane [Stewart] got out there and set a pretty good pace and I was trying to make the bottom work, it felt ok but those guys got away. I moved up and you could feel it – that’s the point you have to decide how hard you want to go. I’m glad I did that because there was no way I was going to be around at the end to have an opportunity to win that race.”

Stewart would eventually lose another position to Tim Kaeding in the No. 3 who took advantage of others misfortunes and drove up through the field from the 12th-starting spot.

“Man, this feels like a win for me,” said Tim Kaeding. “We’ve struggled pretty much all year. To run second with these guys on a rubbered down track like that and not pop a tire, I’m definitely going to enjoy a beer tonight.”

The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series returns to action on Thursday, July 6 for a make-up Feature at Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, MN before heading off to Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, WI on Saturday and Sunday, July 7 and 8. Tickets for these events can be purchased on or by calling 844-DIRT-TIX.


Feature (29 Laps—shortened due to track conditions): 1. 15-Donny Schatz [3][$10,000]; 2. 3-Tim Kaeding [12][$5,500]; 3. 2-Shane Stewart [2][$3,200]; 4. 7S-Jason Sides [7][$2,800]; 5. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild [19][$2,500]; 6. 11K-Kraig Kinser [13][$2,300]; 7. W20-Greg Wilson [11][$2,200]; 8. 41-Jason Johnson [10][$2,100]; 9. 9-Daryn Pittman [1][$2,050]; 10. 19-Brent Marks [14][$2,000]; 11. 82-Thomas Kennedy [16][$1,500]; 12. 49-Brad Sweet [8][$1,200]; 13. 5-David Gravel [6][$1,100]; 14. 17B-Ryan Bickett [15][$1,050]; 15. 2K-Kevin Ingle [20][$1,000]; 16. 1S-Logan Schuchart [5][$900]; 17. 47-Brant O’Banion [21][$800]; 18. 4-Paul McMahan [4][$800]; 19. 13-Clyde Knipp [18][$800]; 20. 19P-Paige Polyak [9][$800]; 21. 1A-Jacob Allen [17][$800]; 22. 101-Chuck McGillivray [22][$800]; Lap Leaders: Shane Stewart 1-28, Donny Schatz 29; KSE Hard Charger Award: 93-Sheldon Haudenschild[+14]

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