Tough Competitors and Friends on and off the track, Bigley, Goddard, and Atwell keep the Naples Racing tradition alive and well.


Everyone knows the deep racing history and heritage that as come from Collier County over the years.  You have had Bigley Sr. and Jr., Goddard’s, Turner, Langford, Walsh and Hogan, just to name a few.  Well that tradition is still going live and well right now in the Florida Super Late Model ranks as Dylan Bigley, Micheal Goddard, and Michael Atwell compete and win against the best of the best in the state and around the country.  These three are tough competitors for each other on the track but they are also there as friends and support on and off the track.


They all took different paths and time frames to get to where they are today in racing but today they keep the racing blood of Naples, FL pumping as these three look to keep up the winning ways of some many before them from their home town.  Some may same that Naples is a big town and did these three even know each other as young kids and that would be a yes for all three, but even more so for the two Michael’s as they both attended the same pre-school Creative Corner Preschool.

When you sit down and have a racing conversation or bench race with some of the old timers of Naples about racing as happy as they are to share their own racing stories they will be the first to tell you about the youth movement and how good the kids of today are in this sport.  There are a lot of great racing families from the Collier County area and many up an coming stars but a huge shout out to Bigley, Atwell, and Goddard for getting done on and off the track in one of Florida premier racing classes.

We do not know all of there future racing schedules but we know they all three plan to compete for the $15,000 in the Bill Bigley Sr. Memorial at 4-17 Southern Speedway on November 27th, 2021.


Keep making your home town proud boy’s