Sunshine State Racing and Announce new Driver of the Month and Driver of the Year for Florida


Sunshine State Racing and announced on Tuesday night on their recap Show an all new Driver of the month and Driver of the year program for the drivers in the state of Florida.  With the Program the team of Sunshine State racing will nominate driver for driver of the month and then the team will vote for the selection.   From those drivers that win Driver of the month the same process will be used at the end of the year for a driver of the Year Selection.

There will be a poster made for each driver of the month and monthly prizes are in the works for each person who wins.  A grand Prize for Driver of the year is also in the works and will be named soon.

We Want to Thank Tyler Sontag for his help with this program.


Sponsorship for the program is still being looked for.


The monthly selections will be made based on the stats for those drivers for that current month.  We here at Sunshine State racing hope to continue to grow the racing here in the Sunshine State and want to carry on something founder Jack Smith did years ago.  We hope this brings pride and helps our Florida drivers get noticed.


More Information to come soon.