BronsonSpeedwayLugnutwebJostens, a supporter of the 2014 Southern Pro Am Truck Series, is awarding the March 29th, 2014 Bronson Speedway pro truck race winner with a unique and stunning racing award. The award is a customized lug nut ring that looks and feels exactly like a lug nut.  The surrounding bezel features the Southern Pro Am Truck Series name.  The ring will be a one off production with a retail value of $350.  Many of the professional racing series present these rings to their track winners, series champions and race teams.  As the Southern Pro Am Truck Series grows, so has the sponsorship support.  The Series’ Independent Sponsorship Coordinator added two more supporters; RaceQuip and Speedway Motors have agreed to support the Southern Pro Am Truck Series by offering their members discounts on racing products and are providing give-a-ways for the 2014 Southern Pro Am Truck Series ROI Championship Banquet.  Speedway Motors will also provide each of the top five point leaders with a $250 gift card to be used at Speedway Motors.

The first points race for the Southern Pro Am Truck Series is Saturday, March 29th, 2014 at Bronson Speedway.   The winner will receive $1,000 guaranteed.  Bronson Speedway is providing the Southern Pro Am Truck Series with a generous purse incentive. The purse will increase based on the number of pro truck drivers, crew, family and friends that come through the pit gate to support the pro truck drivers and series.

Driver Seat Racing, managing partner of the series, has confirmed that Outlaw Late Model driver, Chris Gaither, from Nashville, GA will be racing the Driver Seat Racing’s #1 pro truck for theMarch 24th pro truck race at Bronson Speedway. To learn more about Blake Gaither, visit: