Hello Sunshine State Racing fans and Followers. We are looking for a few new marketing partners for a few projects we want to look at getting underway.
We are looking for one to two companies that would want to help us upgrade the message board on Karnac. The old board is out dated and we can not even comment on it as a group anymore. With this we want to give you all a great forum to talk racing and about your coming events. Also bring a great new classifieds page to you the racers.
Second we would like to add a wireless device to our camera system that would allow us to do live in broadcast pit reports and we could give people updates on the racers in the pits as wrecks and things happen and get the drivers point of view as they happen. We are looking for a company or two to help with this.
You would get your company name on the interviews or on message board.
If you are interested or know anyone that might be please message us here or one of us directly amd we can give you details. We also always have broadcast advertising and marketing available anytime.
We thank you for all your support and we try to keep stepping up our game for you the fans and racers.
Team SSR
Email:Robert@Karnac.com or Jennifer@karnac.com
Phone: 863-990-3564