By Jeff Bean-Lake City Fl.- Jamie Dayhaw of Keystone Heights took his first feature event win in Sportsman action at NFS. Other winners on the card were Adam Bedenbaugh in Late
Model, Harold Mathews in Florida Mini Sprint Association and Shane Taylor doubled up on the evening with wins in both Pure Stock and Limited Modified divisions.

Sportsman were the first cars to start the feature racing for the night and the initial start saw Robby Stevens jump to the early lead only to spin in front of the entire field bringing out the yellow before a lap could be completed. The next attempt to start the race would prove to be more successful and Freddie Daniels would pace the field for the first four laps. Lap five would prove to be the deciding lap as Dayhaw would make his move and take over the top spot. While Dayhaw extended his lead and clicked off the laps it looked like he might make a run to the checkers caution free. But a caution with one lap to go would erase his lead and place Eddie Gainey on his rear bumper for the restart. But the night belonged to Dayhaw as he held off the challenge of the veteran and would be the first to the checkers. Robby Stevens would finish up his night with a solid third place finish.

2010 Late Model champion Adam Bedenbaugh has been on a mission all season to defend his title and more often than not that has resulted in a trip to victory lane. This night would be no different as Bedenbaugh would grab the early lead from Ryan Van Sickle with Kyle Van Sickle settling into third. By lap four the lead trio would be closing in on lapped traffic and two of those cars would spin in turn four with the leaders bearing down on them. From there Bedenbaugh would survive a few restarts and collect the win. The Van Sickle brothers battle for second would see Kyle edge Ryan coming off turn four with the checkered flag waving. Behind them Donnie Chappell would take fourth with Bo Allen coming home in fifth.

Tommy Bowden would take the lead at the start of the Mini Sprint feature but that lead was short lived as a hard charging Harold Mathews would take command on lap two. Championship contender Chris Pacetti would try running down Mathews and a caution on lap eleven would give Pacetti a better look at the leader. As Pacetti would throw everything he had at Mathews he almost lost the handle on his car and allowed the leader to open up a comfortable lead once again. A caution with one lap to go would tighten up the field for a one lap race to the checker but Mathews was up to the challenge. Behind him Steve Crabtree would try and make a move for the second spot but contact in turn four would see both cars up against the outside wall allowing David Pleaugh and Tommy Bowden to take over the next two spots.

Eighteen cars would take the green for the Pure Stock main and Brent Zimmerman would lead the first two laps. Shane Taylor would enter the night trailing Jerry Fortner by eleven points in the point standings. A win would certainly help the defending champions chances to repeat and by lap three Taylor would have himself positioned at the front of the field. Darrell Roberts and Nevin Gainey would work their way into the top three and with the aid of a caution flag they would be able to close the gap on Taylor. Lap eleven would see Gainey and Taylor trading paint with Gainey losing some ground as he fell back to third. With two of the first four features being decided with one lap shootouts the Pure Stocks would entertain the crowd with one of their own. With the white and green flags flying together Gainey would get around Roberts and set his sights on his rival. Both drivers pulled out all the stops with Taylor being the first to the finish line. Gainey held on for second and Roberts took third.

In the final race of the night Shane Taylor jumped out of his Pure Stock and into his Limited Modified ride and took his place inside row three for the start. Riding the momentum and adrenaline from the just completed Pure Stock race Taylor worked his way from sixth to first in one lap. A scary crash which saw two cars engulfed in flames on the backstretch forced the race to be shortened because of the time needed for clean up and the lateness of the hour. Both drivers were able escape with minor injuries and did not have to leave the track for further treatment.

Next week Saturday September 24th will see Open Wheel Modifieds, Pure Stock, Sportsman, Street Stock, Box Stock and TQ Lates in action. For more info visit us on the web at or call 386-754-8800. As always North Florida Speedway appreciates your support.

Official Results September 17th 2011


1. Jamie Dayhaw #21
2. Eddie Gainey #8
3. Robby Stevens #12
4. Sonny Thompson #75
5. Jody Turner #74
6. Brandon Catto #59
7. Dave Ponton #10x
8. Allen Brinkley #19
9. Scott Spears #2
10. Heath Walker #nine
11. Freddie Daniels #55
12. Kevin Davis #86
13. Wayne O’Neal #0
14. Kyle Chappell #66

Late Model

1. Adam Bedenbaugh #26
2. Kyle Van Sickle #3k
3. Ryan Van Sickle #3R
4  Donnie Chappell #25c
5. Bo Allen #71
6. Johnny Collins #5
7. Steven Skipper #25s
8. Brandon Cameron #55
9. Travis Saunders #93
10. Allen Cribbs #14
11. Larry Anderson#51
12. David Crews #10
13. Bill Gould #14
14. Daryl Brinkley #37
15. Fred Schell #38
16. Russ Rhodes #14r

Florida Mini Sprint Association

1. Harold Mathews #116
2. David Pleaugh #711
3. Tommy Bowden #31
4. Dirk Miller #68
5. Eddie Moss Jr. #8
6. John Moss #44
7. Eddie Moss #1m
8. Chris Pacetti #16
9. Steve Crabtree #5
10. Rae Lynne Moss #88
11. David Hall #67
12. Jody McKenzie #18
13. John Crowder #21
14. John Dixon #63

Pure Stock

1. Shane Taylor #82
2. Nevin Gainey #57
3. Darrell Roberts #1x
4. Doran Cheney #98c
5. Chris Rowe #23
6. Veronica Clark #17
7. Jerry Fortner #F16
8. Brent Zimmerman #ooz
9. Andy Olson #13
10. David Hess #15
11. Swede Melgaard #15
12. James Trowell #58
13. Jim Weaver #71x
14. Dennis Nixon #19
15. Rick Reed #91
16. Shawn Creech #07
17. Bradley Todd #18
18. Dewayne Burke #20

Limited Modified

1. Shane Taylor #82
2. Adam Higginbotham #20a
3. Duane Paul Jr. #51
4. Kyle Arvin #96
5. Dwayne Worden #16
6. Randy Smith #49
7. Timmy Roach #44
8. John Warren #17
9. Marvin Hassell #29
10. Devin Walker #6