De Caire and Goddard team up in a Open Wheel Modified For the Eddie Brann Memorial at Showtime Speedway.

What Happens when you combine one of the best Sprint car divers with one of the hardest working, most determined up and coming super later model drivers for an open wheel modified race?  The answer is a top 5 and lot’s of hope for a win if they get another shot in the open wheel modified.


Exactly 7 days before the Eddie Brann Memorial at Showtime speedway on January 2nd 2021, while troy De Caire was helping a TDC Shock customer test at showtime speedway track owner Robert Yoho  offered his car to troy for the race the following weekend.  In what De Caire thought was a joke, until the crack of dawn the next morning when he received a text that the car was in his driveway for him to prep for the upcoming race.  That is when he tapped Michael Goddard to be the wheel man for the race.  Tory went to work cleaning and accessing the car to see what all would need to be done to get the car ready for the race.  Micheal and his team from FSG ( Front Stretch Garage) Which consisted of his Dad, Bill and Bubba also spent a lot of the week up in Tampa getting the car ready for the week.  This team spent New Years Even in the shop dialing in the car while the wives celebrated the New Year inside except for a toast at midnight.


On Friday evening they brought the car out for practice and seemed to not be very happy with the car but never stopped working.  The Determination would go a long way as they never gave up.   When Saturday ended they had a top 5 in a car Michael had never driven before and that the two only had 7 days to set up.


Troy, says that Michael is one of the hardest working young drivers he has ever worked with and anyone looking for a driver should give him a shot.  While Jeremy Goddard (Michael’s Dad) said what an honor it is to have a driver like troy take his son under his wing and be his mentor.


No one really knows what the future holds for this but it is clear that the two work well together and with a great mentor and driver who does not give up and works harder than anyone in the shop this could be great combination.


De Caire plans to run the Full BG Products Sprint Car Shoot Out Series plus some other national races and Michael Plans to race as many Super Late model races as he can this year in the state of Florida, starting with the 10k to win race at Showtime Speedway 1/9/2021.  But they will be trying to race the modified again as soon as they can if the cards play out that way.


We here at and Sunshine State racing will be following to see how this turns out for both.