The temperature may be cold, but the season is ready to heat up for the FASTRAK Racing Series. As part of Winter Freeze at Screven Motor Speedway, the Chevrolet Performance Late Models will hit the red clay to battle for over $23,000 in two complete shows. The FASTRAK Racing Series is set to begin its 15th season, February 9th and 10th at the Sylvania, GA race track. Drivers will compete for $2,000 to win on Friday and $3,000 to win on Saturday.

“I can’t think of a better place to kick-off our 2018 season,” said FASTRAK General Manager DJ Irvine, “We always have a strong field at Screven and fantastic racing.”

The FASTRAK Racing Series will continue with the new format, which was introduced at Screven in the 2017 season finale. Competitors will be split into two qualifying groups, based on pill draw, A and B. Heat race lineups will be determined by qualifying times with Group A making heats 1 and 3 and Group B making heats 2 and 4. The new format still produced the same quality of racing that everyone has come to expect from the FASTRAK Racing Series. Series officials decided to implement the change for the entire 2018 season.

“We used the new format after several drivers had asked for a change,” stated Irvine, “we always listen to their input and are willing to try something new. This time, they were right.”

The 2017 season saw a competitive point battle throughout the season, and the same is expected in 2018. The Championship, won by Benji Hicks, was locked up in the next to final race, also at Screven Motor Speedway. FASTRAK Racing Series is a part of the Winter Freeze for the first time.

In FASTRAK’s last appearance at Screven, Travis Pennington of Stapleton, GA took home the victory in the $2,000 to win event on November 17th. On November 18th, Dillon Brown of Gaffney, SC beat the field to the checkered flag to collect $3,000 in the FASTRAK Racing Series season finale.

Drivers wishing to compete in the FASTRAK Racing Series tour can send in their membership forms to the office or fill them out at Screven Motor Speedway. The 2018 membership form is available on the FASTRAK website,

Full purse for Friday, February 9th:
1) $2,000; 2) $1,000; 3) $700; 4) $600; 5) $500; 6) $450; 7) $400; 8) $375; 9) $350; 10) $325; 11) $315; 12) $300; 13) $275; 14) $265; 15-24) $250 Total: $10,355

Full Purse for Saturday, February 10th:
1) $3,000; 2) $1,500; 3) $900; 4) $650; 5) $600; 4) $500; 5) $450; 6) $425; 7) $400; 8) $365; 9) $340;
10) $325; 11) $300; 12-24) $275 Total: $12,780

Two day total: $23,135

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The 2018 marketing partners for the FASTRAK Racing Series are Chevrolet Performance, Hoosier Racing Tire, VP Racing Fuel, Beyea Headers, TNT Race Cars, Arizona Sport Shirts, Simpson Safety Equipment, and Thomas Clarke Performance.