Battle-of-Reutimanns-1024x576@2xGIBSONTON — At East Bay Raceway on Saturday night it was Buzzie Reutimann winning the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Brian Barse in the Foster’s Auto Truck Outlaw Fours, John Bradley in the Limited Late Models, Raymond Vann in the V8 Warriors and Michael Hart in the 4 Cylinder Bombers.

In the 15-lap Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds it was Buzzie Reutimann holding off his son David at the line to pick up his first win of the year. David Reutimann was second with Rich Pratt third. Garret Stewart and Steve Miller won their heats.

In the 15-lap Foster’s Auto Truck Outlaw Fours it was Brian Barse picking up his first win of the year with Nick Hebrank second and Ronnie Heard third. Billy Dukes, Jr. and Brandon Yates won their heats.

In the 15-lap Limited Late Model it was John Bradley winning his first feature of the year with Paul Gibbs and Forrest Gough rounding out the top three. Gough and Gibbs won their heats.

In the 15-lap V8 Warrior feature it was Jeremy Simpson crossing the line first but was dq’d in tech for shock extension. That gave Raymond Vann the win with Nicholas Schneider and James Paes rounding out the top three. Vann and Jason Burnside won their heats.

In the 15-lap 4 Cylinder Bombers it was Michael Hart winning the feature with Bailey Purcell and George Handy rounding out the top three. Hart and Handy won their heats.

Action continues next Saturday June 13th as the Late Models battle for 50-laps in the Donnie Tanner Memorial. Also racing will be the East Bay Sprints, Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks, and the V8 Warriors. For information, visit or call 813-677-7223.

Saturday’s results

Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds (15-lap feature)
1. 00 Buzzie Reutimann
2. 00d David Reutimann
3. 78 Rich Pratt
4. 73 Nate Bregenzer
5. 9 Roger Crouse
6. 54 Kevin Bryant
7. 8M Matt Miller
8. 7L Frank Lewis
9. 15 Paul Rivall
10. 8S Steve Miller
11. 47 Bill Howard, Sr.
12. 88B Bob Johnston
13. 67 Garret Stewart

Foster’s Auto Trucks Outlaw Fours (15-lap feature)
1. 5 Brian Barse
2. 7 Nick Hebrank
3. 17 Ronnie Heard
4. 19 Jake Hampton
5. 12 Eric Knight
6. 53 Brandon Yates
7. 15 Billy Dukes, Jr.
8. 75 Stephen Hohlbaugh (DQ – Deck Height)
9. 41 Mark Moniz (DQ – Deck Height)
10. 42 Candie Moniz (DQ Unsportsman Like Conduct)

Limited Late Models (15-lap feature)
1. X John Bradley
2. 2 Paul Gibbs
3. 21 Forrest Gough
4. 22 Billy Howard, Jr.
5. 985 Henry Burnside
6. 117 Ed Hill
7. 10 Ryan Shields
8. 7jr Jesse Brown
9. 71 Rich Livernois, Jr.
10. 45 Roger Crouse (DNS)
11. 27 Scotty Williams (DQ – Rough Driving)

V8 Warriors (15-lap feature)
1. 32 Raymond Vann
2. 54 Nicholas Schneider
3. 48 James Paes
4. 71 Amanda Livernois
5. 12j Jason Burnside
6. 55r Roy Woodhouse
7. 09 Jessica Robbins
8. 78 Doug Morris
9. 7x Jody Robbins
10. 73 Jeremy Simpson (DQ in Tech – Shock Extension)
11. 99 Randy Tyler ( DQ – Offset Rims) 4 Cylinder Bombers (15-lap feature)
1. 99 Michael Hart
2. 14b Bailey Purcell
3. 22 George Handy
4. 813 Stephen Morris
5. 4 Kayla Jones
6. 48r Red Vann
7. 48p Jeff Lacey
8. 0 Gary Lucas
9. 17 Jimmy Bargo
10. 68 CJ Smock
11. 4T Darrell Taylor
12. 4×4 Britt Mann
13. 88 Jason Huebner
14. 24 David Wilbur (DNS)