The First Annual Florida State Late Model Championship

By- Jim Rouse, BRP Media

Joining the RaceCar Engineering Late Models were the Scorpion Racing Products, Buddy’s Home Furnishings Limited Late Models, 1-800-ASK GARY Thunderstocks, and a Spectator Race!

First up were the Scorpion Racing Products Modifieds and what a 20-lapper it was! A 7 lap green flag run dominated by Kyle Bronson was stopped when the lapped car of Larry Mott spun in turn 4. A 9 lap run ended when Buzzie Reutimann slowed and was spun by Jason Davis by no fault of his own. The final 4 were green as Bronson held Devin Dixon off for the victory. Jeff Mathews barely held Rich Pratt off for 3rd and Dalton Lanich finished 5th on his birthday.

The First Annual Florida State Late Model Championship presented the best of the RaceCar Engineering Late Models and the Sunoco/Buddy’s Home Furnishings United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series over 70 laps for a big ring. Jack Nosbisch, Jr. had a wrap on things early but on lap 13 he slowed and stopped giving the lead to Tyler Ivey. The first caution came just 2 laps later when Jason Burke spun in turn 1 with a flat tire. Ivey would restart in front of Devin Dixon and Mark Whitener. Andy Cobb spun in turn 4 on lap 24 with Ivey, Whitener, and Dixon in tow. As the field approached half-way Ivey continued to hold hard-charging Whitener off before a lap 31 yellow for Brandon Cameron’s spin in turn 4 halted action again. On the restart Whitener got Ivey and started to pull away but Ivey came right back. With 30 to go Brett Carlton slowed when his right rear shredded setting Whitener, Ivey, and “Showtime” Shan Smith up for the restart. Debris brought out a caution with just 11 to go. Whitener won by half-a-car after Smith went side by side with him and actually led 3 of the final 11. Randy Weaver, Jeff Mathews, and Tyler Ivey completed the top 5.

Specators had to live up to the Late Model feature and they gave it a shot. After 12 entered, a finale of just 2 saw Todd Ford dominate in his Mustang as Marty Rohn couldn’t come close in his Dodge Ram. Ford is now 2-0 when he attempts the Spectator Races.

Limited Late Models started off rough when pole sitter Devin Dixon spun and was jacked up when Paul Shead had nowhere to go but into the 11 car. Ricky Land and Forrest Gough were also involved. On lap 3 Adam Higginbotham and the McGillivrays found themselves tangled up in turn 4. Just a lap later points leader Eddie Gainey took his #8 around. Up front “Budda” Kyle Chappell was leading David Showers, Jr. and Forrest Gough. A lap 8 incident saw Blaise Hetznecker and David Showers make contact; both were sent to the tail. The restart saw Hetznecker, Cheyanne Cox, Shane Koperda and others around with damage in turn 1. Green-White-Checkered would settle this one between ‘Budda’ and David Showers, Jr. Budda made it easy as Gough, Showers, Steve Shead, and Ricky Land completed the top 5.

1-800-ASK GARY Thunderstocks were the finale and what a show they put on. Chad Scranton and “DQ” Jonathan Appleby fought over the lead for the first 2 but “DQ” started to pull away. Meanwhile, Brandon Elwood and Grady Christian were fighting through the field. Eddie Woodall spun the Woodall Fencing machine in turn 2 on lap 11 setting Appleby, Scranton, and “Shady Grady” up for the restart. Scranton, however, broke the rear axle and “Shady Grady” spun on lap 16 setting up what would be a Green-White-Checkered with Appleby, John Thorpe, and James Sullivan, III up front. Appleby held ‘em off while Thorpe valiantly fought. Brian Mullins, Jason Gamble, and Sullivan completed the top 5.


Next week the Scorpion Racing Products Modifieds return as do the Hobby Stocks, 1-800-ASK GARY Thunderstocks, and the Rent-N-Roll Gladiators. For more information you can visit or call the Speedway at 352-622-9400!
Bubba Raceway Park Results (6/2)

“First Annual” Florida State Late Model Championship Qualifying Results

33X Devin Dixon 15.122

71 Bo Allen 15.326

01 Jack Nosbisch, Jr. 15.351

22B Brandon Cameron 15.373!

47 Tyler Ivey 15.417

58 Mark Whitener 15.498!

2 Brandon DeWitt 15.654!

33 Jeff Mathews 15.706!

35 Christian Augspurger 15.719

02 Keith Nosbisch 15.904!

3K Kyle Van Sickle 15.962

111 Andy Cobb 16.028!

3R Ryan Van Sickle 16.040

07 Doug Watson 16.209!

99W Randy Weaver 16.245

14 Bubba Clem 16.344!

22C Brett Carlton 16.410!

24 Jason Burke 16.456

66 Chuck Chitty 16.474

60 Jim Manka 16.575

51 Larry Anderson 16.723!

10 Win Ingersoll 16.797

N0C Barry Sheffield 17.428

46P Darrell Padgett NO TIME

25M Justin McRee NO TIME

99 Shan Smith NO TIME

7F Jason Fitzgerald NO TIME

B69 Bryan Bernhardt NO TIME
! Ran In First Session

First Annual Florida State Late Model Championship (70 Laps)

Presented by the RaceCar Engineering Late Models and the Sunoco United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series by Buddy’s Home Furnishings
1- 58 Mark Whitener

2- 99 Shan Smith

3- 99W Randy Weaver

4- 33 Jeff Mathews

5- 47 Tyler Ivey

6- 33X Devin Dixon

7- 3R Ryan Van Sickle

8- 02 Keith Nosbisch

9- N0C Barry Sheffield

10- 60 Jim Manka

11- 35 Christian Augspurger

12- 3K Kyle Van Sickle

13- 111 Andy Cobb

14- 71 Bo Allen

15- 46P Darrell Padgett

16- 22C Brett Carlton

17- 22B Brandon Cameron

18- 66 Chuck Chitty

19- 10 Win Ingersoll

20- 2 Brandon DeWitt

21- 7F Jason Fitzgerald

22- 07 Doug Watson

23- 24 Jason Burke

24- 14 Bubba Clem

25- 01 Jack Nosbisch

26- 51 Larry Anderson

DNS- 25M Justin McRee

DNS- B69 Bryan Bernhardt
Scorpion Racing Products Modifieds
1- 40B Kyle Bronson

2- 33L Devin Dixon

3- 33 Jeff Mathews

4- 78 Rich Pratt

5- 77 Dalton Lanich

6- 145 Jason Davis

7- 61 Ronald Soltis

8- 34 Jim Passino

9- 11 Chuck Gustafson, Jr.

10- 41 Rodney Wright

11- 122 Ron Burgess

12- 14 Tyler Clem

13- 12M David Moheng

14- Z06 Larry Mott

15- 95 Matt McGillivray

16- 00 Buzzie Reutimann

17- 04 Bubba Christian

DNS- 2 Garret Stewart
Buddy’s Home Furnishings Limited Late Models
1- 66C Kyle Chappell

2- 21 Forrest Gough

3- 118 David Showers, Jr.

4- 10 Steve Shead

5- 18JO JO Nobles

6- 26 Bill Adkins

7- 11C Cory Hupp

8- 8 Eddie Gainey

9- 66 Ricky Land

10- 80H Howard O’Steen

11- 15 Shane Koperda

12- 5C Christian McGillivray

13- 21W Mitch Wise

14- 20C Cheyanne Cox

15- 20 Adam Higginbotham

16- 17 Blaise Hetznecker

17- 18 David Showers

18- 27 Scotty Williams

19- 2X Caleb McGillivray

20- 80 Paul Shead

21- 11 Devin Dixon

DNS- 01 Kevin Mills

DNS- 27M Miles Cox
1-800-ASK GARY Thunderstocks
1- 69A Jonathan Appleby

2- 114 John Thorpe

3- 28 Brian Mullins

4- 51 Jason Gamble

5- 14 James Sullivan, III

6- 5W Eddie Kilbury

7- 33 Donnie Dobbins

8- 12 Justin Durbin

9- 28E Brandon Elwood

10- 65 Shane Nichols

11- 44 Billy Baldwin

12- 34 Mark Trexler

13- 71 Rick Kilbury

14- 36 Grady Christian

15- 27 Chad Scranton

16- 17K Eddie Kilbury, Jr.

17- 73 Brandon Tillander

18- 15S Luke Sadler

19- 3W Eddie Woodall

20- 2W Nick Leconte

21- 72 Terry Dunbar

22- 21M David Miller, Jr.

23- 47 Daniel Keene

24- 09 William Edwards

DNS- 05 Alan Lane


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