Night One Complete

By- Jim Rouse, Bubba Raceway Park Media

4-13-12 – The RaceCar Engineering Late Models ran the Mike Peters Open while Buddy’s Home Furnishings Limited Late Models, Barfield Law Group Mini Stocks, and Rent-N-Roll Gladiators battled as well.

Limited Late Models saw Cory Howard spin on lap 8 as JO Nobles, Eddie Gainey, and Bubba Clem run 1-2-3. With 2 to go CJ Waldron spun which caused the restart that derailed JO Nobles Sunday drive. The rear end of the 18 broke giving Gainey the lead. Gainey held on over Adam Higginbotham, Clem, David Showers, and JO Nobles.

Mini Stocks fought a hard 3 caution race led by Buddy Pope, Nick Kerr, and Travis Staats. Staats tried but fell back and left the 75 and 81 to battle. Kerr couldn’t quite clear Pope though he was faster out of 2. Pope beat Kerr, Staats, Luke Sadler, and Charlie Staats to go 3-for-3 in 2012.

The Mike Peters Open. Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. took fast time with the only sub-16.0 lap. He also took the win. As Lloyd 

lapped up to 11th in the 7 caution race Jeff Mathews and Mark Whitener battled for P2. Whitener won the battle by a bit as Mathews took 3rd. Jack Nosbisch finished 4th and John Koller completed the top 5.

Gladiators had a 3-way fight between Steve Johnson, Steve Cox, and Tony LaPorta. Johnson led the final 12 by holding LaPorta back. Cox was 3rd over Randy Harless and Jordan McMillon.

Tomorrow is the Mike Peters Open part 2 along with more from the Buddy’s Limited Late Models, 1-800-ASK GARY Thunderstocks, Hobby Stocks, and a spectator race! For more information you can check out or call the Speedway hotline!

RaceCar Engineering Late Models and the Buddy’s Home Furnishings/Sunoco United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series in the Mike Peters Open

Bubba Raceway Park Results (4/13)

1- 21 Ivedent Lloyd, Jr.

2- 58 Mark Whitener

3- 33 Jeff Mathews

4- 01 Jack Nosbisch

5- 1* John Koller

6- 35 Christian Augspurger

7- 2F Jason Fitzgerald

8- 47 Tyler Ivey

9- 46P Darrell Padgett

10- 71 Bo Allen

11- 17 Richard Ferry

12- 02 Keith Nosbisch

13- 3R Ryan VanSickle

14- 2 Brandon DeWitt

15- B69 Bryan Bernhardt

16- 311 Kenny Monohan

17- 45 Bobby Richardson

18- 24 Jason Burke

19- 0 Rich Pratt

20- 82 Nelson Sweeney

21- 72P Len Parrish

22- 3K Kyle VanSickle


Buddy’s Home Furnishings Limited Late Models

1- 8 Eddie Gainey

2- 20 Adam Higginbotham

3- 14 Bubba Clem

4- 18 David Showers

5- 18JO JO Nobles

6- 10X David Ponton

7- 2 Caleb McGillivray

8- 5C Christian McGillivray

9- 21W CJ Waldron

10- 21G Forrest Gough

11- 4H Cory Howard

12- 66 Ricky Land

13- 27M Miles Cox

14- 01M Kevin Mills


Barfield Law Group Mini Stocks

1- 81 Buddy Pope

2- 75 Nick Kerr

3- 1AR Travis Staats

4- 63 Luke Sadler

5- 9AR Charlie Staats

6- 26 Kris Prouty

7- 1K Kyle Kruse

8- 30 Reid Christensen


Rent-N-Roll Gladiators

1- 81 Steve Johnson

2- 3T Tony LaPorta

3- P38 Steve Cox

4- 12 Randy Harless

5- 68 Jordan McMillon

6- 98 Jerry Taylor

7- 3H Brandon Haseleu

8- 83 Kody Fisher

9- 19 Trevor Allday

10- XX AJ Jernigan

11- 30 Reid Christensen


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