Sunshine State Racing and have merged together. This alliance will bring together one of the oldest websites dedicated to local, regional and national motorsport activities with the already established and rapidly growing social media audience on Facebook.
The opportunity for Jennifer Brinson and Robert Howell to take over KARNAC.COM came about many months ago. After much consideration, we felt this was an amazing venture to continue to push Florida racing at our racetracks. Our continuing goal with Sunshine State Racing and KARNAC.COM is to build a larger fanbase for our sport and continue to update fans with news and entertainment. We cannot do this without the help and support of our partners/sponsors
In 2019 Sunshine State Racing was able to grow from 2k followers on Facebook to over 8,000. In one month our post reach is at 365.9k, 117.5k post engagements and live feeds reach 1,500 to 12,500 views. We are hoping to increase numbers with the addition of KARNAC.COM in 2020.
WAUC 102.1 partners with us to do a Saturday Morning Racing Show to further our reach even more.
In return for sponsorship, we are offering multiple advertising opportunities throughout the 2020 season. We are so grateful for all of our sponsors and what they helped accomplish in 2019. We will be happy to work with you and put together a package that is beneficial to you and your company specifically. If you have any specific, requests or concerns please feel free to reach out to us at any time. Open communication is key in building the sport we all love.
Karnac and Sunshine State Racing covers all forms of motor sports news and entertainment, with over 10,000 followers. KARNAC.COM has been your go to for racing since 1997. With the conjoined force. They can cover all 14 tracks in the wonderful Sunshine State.

Contact us to join our team and be a part of a great opportunity!
Robert Howell

Jennifer Brinson