Davey Hamilton Jr. picks up 2023 where he left of in 2022 in Victory Lane for Morgan Motorsports


The BG products Southern Sprint Car series kicked of there 2023 Season Saturday night at Auburndale Speedway and Davey Hamilton Jr. picked up right where he ended 2022 and that was in Victory lane.  Making it 7 in a row for the Morgan Motorsports team.

Full Results:

A Feature 1 (40 Laps): 1. 14-Davey Hamilton Jr[6]; 2. 5-Daniel Miller[2]; 3. 88A-Sport Allen[3]; 4. 93-Dude Teate[7]; 5. 55-Tommy Nichols[1]; 6. 25-Bruce Brantley[4]; 7. 13-Scotty Adema[9]; 8. 1-Larry Brazil Jr[8]; 9. 3X-Bo Hartley[10]; 10. 59X-John Inman[5]

Heat 1: 1. 59X-John Inman[2]; 2. 14-Davey Hamilton Jr[3]; 3. 55-Tommy Nichols[1]; 4. 93-Dude Teate[4]; 5. 3X-Bo Hartley[5]

Heat 2: 1. 88A-Sport Allen[2]; 2. 5-Daniel Miller[5]; 3. 25-Bruce Brantley[3]; 4. 1-Larry Brazil Jr[4]; 5. 13-Scotty Adema[1]

The Series also honored there champions from 2022.  Hamilton won the points championship and Steven Hollinger won Rookie of the year.


Video of race From Speedway Video: