GIBSONTON — At East Bay Raceway it was Jim Baker winning in the Hobby Stocks, Brian Barse in the Outlaw Fours, Bryan Bernhardt in the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Justin Webster in the Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Sprints, Nick Brown in the V8 Warriors, Stevie Mathis, Jr. in the Late Models, Roger Crouse in the Late Model Sportsman and Wayne Kissam in the 4 Cylinder Bombers.

In the Hobby Stocks 15-lap feature it was points leader Jim Baker picking up his second win of the year with Tim Gay finishing second with Buck Woodhouse third.

In the Outlaw Fours 15-lap feature it was points leader Brian Barse picking up another win with Billy Dukes second and Greg Pae third.

In the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modified 15-lap feature it was Bryan Bernhardt picking up his second win of the year with Dale Kelley second and Roger Crouse third.

In the Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Sprints 15-lap feature it was Justin Webster picking up another win over second place Joe Zuczek and third place Billy Bridges.

In the V8 Warriors 15-lap feature it was Nick Brown picking up his second feature win of the year over second place Roy Woodhouse and third place Jason Burnside.

In the Late Models 30-lap feature it was Steve Mathis, Jr. picking up his very first feature win over Kyle Bronson who finished second and Phillip Cobb who finished third.

In the Late Model Sportsman 15-lap feature it was Roger Crouse winning with Daniel Woody finishing in the second spot with Forrest Gough third.

In the final feature of the night it was the 4 Cylinder Bombers 15-lap feature as Wayne Kissam picked up the win second place DJ Taylor and third place Daniel Casey.

Action continues this Saturday October 14th it will be Breast Cancer Awareness night with the Late Model Sportsman, Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, V8 Warriors, 4 Cylinder Bombers and the Micro Sprints. For information, visit or call 813-677-7223.

Saturday’s results

Hobby Stocks (15-lap feature)

69x Jim Baker
90 Tim Gay
55 Buck Woodhouse
71 Rich Livernois, Jr.
89 David Barwick, II
51 Allen Bailey
Outlaw Fours (15-lap feature)

5 Brian Barse
15 Billy Dukes
65 Greg Pae
41e Mark Moniz
7 Nick Hebrank
88 Bob Flemming, Sr.
53 Brandon Yates (DNS)
Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Sprints (15-lap feature)

21 Justin Webster
50 Joe Zuczek
11b Billy Bridges
32 Andrew Griffin
3k Guy Bos
55 Kurt Taylor
96 Nikole Voisey
96x Rick Voisey
9 Billy Boyd, Jr.
Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds (15-lap feature)

b69 Bryan Bernhardt
22 Dale Kelley
15 Roger Crouse
22 Bill Howard, Sr.
3 Michael Cherry
18 Eric Moon
84 Ronnie Whitely
9c Don Crandall
99 Keven Devrieze
35 Jerry Bruce
47 Billy Howard, Jr.
V8 Warriors (15-lap feature)

12 Nick Brown
09 Roy Woodhouse
12j Jason Burnside
32 Raymond Vann
23 Gary Lucas
23b Scott Bane
73 Jeremy Simpson
4×4 Britt Mann
105 George Handy
27 Jeff Rodgers
36 David Parr
2 Kaylen Maynard
26 Jeff Weaver (DQ-No Muffler)
Late Models (30-lap feature)

95 Steve Mathis, Jr.
40b Kyle Bronson
03 Phillip Cobb
12 Jack Nosbisch, Jr.
95v Devin Dixon
21p Josh Peacock
52 John Bradley
87 John Norris
44 TJ Laflamboy
13 Thomas Burnside
141 Steve Brendle
Late Model Sportsman (15-lap feature)

15 Roger Crouse
29 Daniel Woody
21 Forrest Gough
102 Jason Pope
7t Jonathan Thomas
03 Tanner Cobb
4 Cylinder Bombers (15-lap feature)

07 Wayne Kissam
T4 Darrel Taylor
3d Daniel Casey
46 Daniel Bowman, Jr.
16 Jeff Smith
4 David Wood
911 Robert Kissam
68 CJ Smock
14b Bailey Purcell
124 Ricky Rutledge
T2 Thomas Adams
21 Rodney Martin (DQ-Wheel Spacers)