Driver Spot light: Hunter Lovelady

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Driver Spotlight for Sunshine State Racing: Asphalt /Dirt

Name: Hunter Lovelady

Hometown: Lakeland, Florida

Home Track:Auburndale Speedway

Birthday: 06/16/2000

Class: Late model & 4 cylinder

Car Number: 68

History: When did you start racing and what did you start racing? March 12,2019 and I started racing a (Scrambler)
What is your favorite track to race at? Eastbay Raceway Park

Who is your racing idol?When I was younger My Dad Raymond Lovelady , But now would definitely have to be Kyle Busch

Highlight: favorite race win, favorite race etc. Almost flipping at Eastbay in heat race and finishing 6th in the feature

People that help on your car: Grandpa , Dad , Mom , and my Uncle

Racecar Engineering , and My Grandpa


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Driver Spotlight: Brandon Martin

Driver Spotlight for Sunshine State Racing: Asphalt /Dirt

Name: Brandon Martin
Hometown: Lakeland, FL
Home Track: Auburndale Speedway
Birthday: March 6, 1992
Class: Pro Truck
Car Number: 53

History: When did you start racing and what did you start racing? After college football ended in 2015

What is your favorite track to race at? New Smyrna Speedway. I love the speed that you can’t get anywhere else.

Who is your racing idol? I know it is cliche, but I am a huge Kyle Bush fan. He is a true wheelman. And I love that whether he is right or wrong, he is honest and will tell you exactly what he is thinking.

Highlight: Actually happened last weekend when we got to do our gender reveal on track. It was great being able to announce something that big with our racing family!

People that help on your car: Dylan Martin, Patrick Rickman, Chad Pierce Motorsports, Nick Keeling, Mike Martin, Staci Martin, and most importantly Jami Martin.

Sponsors: HTeaO – Lakeland, FL, CARS Racing For A Dream – Auburndale, FL, Pro Care Auto Repair – Lakeland, FL, Chad Pierce Motorsports – Orlando, FL, Gary and Stacy Photography – Lakeland, FL


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Driver Spotlight: Garrett Thompson

Garrett Thompson

Sarasota Florida

4-17 speedway

January 4th 1992

Street stock


Favorite track was Desoto even though I couldn’t figure it out it was fun and fast

Favorite track has to be 4-17 different every weekend

My racing idol has to be winchell and I look up a lot to Johnny Sarppricone he’s taught me a lot

Favorite win has to be adale when Steven Osteen bet me I couldn’t come there and beat him lol

People who help on on the car has to be my wife , my mom , Johnny at Rrd ,blaine Baer and Kenny gardiner

Sponsors Gettel Chrysler , gardiner and sons


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Driver Spotlight: Ashton Chilton

Driver Spotlight:

Ashton Chilton
Hometown: Key Largo Florida
Home track: 4-17 speedway
Birthday: 8/11
Class: Legend cars.
Car number: 77A
When did you start racing: May 2012 in gokarts.
Favorite track to race: I love citrus county speedway
Race Idol: Kyle Busch
Race highlight or favorite win: A WKA race in Pittsburgh when I won the race and the weekend championship on my dads birthday
People who help on car: All the guys at Little Gator Motorsports and my dad
Sponsors: CER Construction of Maryland, Chris’ bate and tackle of Tavernier Florida and Little Gator Motorsports.


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Driver Spotlight: LJ Grimm


Name: LJ Grimm

Hometown: Seffner,Fl

Home Track: Citrus/Showtime

Birthday: 09/21/1993

Class: Modified, Sprint Car, Late Model

Car Number: 25,88,33

History: When did you start racing and what did you start racing? I started racing go karts in 2000 and moved into a Sportsman in 2007.

What is your favorite track to race at? Citrus/Showtime
Who is your racing idol? My Dad

Highlight: Eddie Brann Memorial

Sponsors: Rick’s Hauling, L&L Fire Protection, Finney Shocks, Bronson Lube, Boyd’s Fabrication, Jimmy Cope Racing, Neuline, Webster Racecars, Dayton Andrews Dodge, BG Product


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Driver Spotlight: Richie Henry

Richie Henry
Pompano Beach, Florida
My home track was Hialeah Speedway before it closed.
November 4 1968

# 74

I started racing in 1989 in a Pure Stock
My favorite track was Hialeah Speedway
My racing idol is my dad Bobby Henry and Gary Balough
My favorite win was the SARA 100 at Hialeah in 2002
People that help on the car are Chad Pierce Motorsports, Corey Crisafulli (owner) , Nick Keeling and Paul Splain
Sponsors are County Waste , Southern Racing Fuels, CMC Racing

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Auburndale Speedway Schedule update

Updated info on race cancellations and change to upcoming schedule to allow for the rescheduled event …

Races for March 21st are canceled, the Dave Westerman Memorial Sprint Cars will be rescheduled we are working with the sprints on that date and will announce as soon as possible.

Night of Destruction event for March 28th has been moved to May 16th. To make that work the races for May 16th are canceled, once again the Sprints race will be rescheduled to a later date to be announced.

May 23rd races with the Super Late Models will be moved to June 6th to allow the clean up after the Night of Destruction event.

Updated schedule is on

This is what we have done for now to make this work out, we will continue to monitor the virus and any changes will be announced going forward. We want you all to take care of yourselves and want the best for everyone !

Please watch the Facebook page and website for any updates ! Thank you !


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State of Florida Racing results for the weekend of 3/14/2020

State wide racing results:

Sunshine State Racing Results 3/14/2020 ??????

North Florida Speedway

Street Stock Feature

1.] Heath Walker 55
2.] Jonathan Croson 94
3.] Jerry Fortner F16
4.] Trey Fortner 29
5.] Devin Walker NINE
6.] Doran Cheney 61C
7.] Parker Blankenship 14
8.] Thomas Pearson 17
9.] Scott Stewart C3
10.] Kevin Mills 01
11.] Chris Pearce 3P
12.] Timmy Roach 3R
13.] Jason Garver 74
14.] Ethan Butts B27
15.] Seth Caudill 44
16.] Cory Howard 4H DNS

Pure Stocks

1.] Karlin Ray 72
2.] Patrick Thomas 25
3.] Timmy Hatcher 97
4.] John Thorpe 114
5.] William Edwards 08
6.] James Edwards 17
7.] Paul Webb 4RD
8.] Rick Reed 66
9.] Joe Trowell 02
10.] John Warner 10
11.] Shawn Creech 07
12.] Donnie Oden 22
13.] Brent Strickland 46
14.] Jimmy Dowling 88
15.] Shane Guessford 34 DNS
16.] Daniel Lewis L55 DNS
17.] Timmy Roach 44 DNS
18.] Chase Carter 7 DNS

Box Stocks

1.] John Windham 91
2.] Emmett Mims 13
3.] Johnnie Pendarvis 3
4.] Tonya Sowles 02
5.] Jonathan Wilks 56
6.] Anthony Starner 51A
7.] Buddy Spradley 22
8.] Chuck Frater 46
9.] Earl Brown E1
10.] Robbie White 8
11.] Olvan Williams 45W DNS

Sports Mod Feature Results

1.] Andrew Smith 1
2.] Jim Passino 112
3.] Scott Kurtzner 76
4.] Corey Crews 29
5.] Jason Garver 61 DNS

Hendry County

Mini stocks

1. 3 scott Barlow
2. 11 Larry Thacker Jr
3. 5 steve throop
4. 113 pete Jacobs
5. 28 steve lotts
6. 1fl Andy Logan.

4.6 fords

1. 883 chris oncken
2. 01f jake Fenical
3. 69 jimmy Kemp
4. Jonathan Waldrup
5. 01 Tom boddy
6. 23 Paul Vieira
7. 24 Richard Pressley
8. #1 Richard Kauffman
9. 4m Madison Kinney
10. 48 matt Musgrave
11. 05 Barry Morley.

Open wheel modifieds

1st 8 Steve Stevenson
2nd 15 roger Crouse
3rd 74 rick Fenical
4th 19 Patrick Passanise
5th 28 mark Thompson
6th 7p zach Permann
7th 67 Garrett Stewart
8th 9 Steve throop
9th 40 shawn Reiss.

4-17 Southern Speedway

Florida Pro Trucks

1. 28 Dylan Bigley
2. 27 Cody Krucker
3. 7 Jason Lester
4. 12 Granger Perra
5. 37H Nick Hernandez
6. 41 Jefferey White
7. 24x Chase King
8. 35 Mike Whipple
9. 24 Donnie Burkhalter
10. 21 LeRoy Moore
11. 53 Brandon Martin
12. 57 Brey Holmes
13. 77 Colt Hensley
14. 84 Billy VanDevender

Street Stock

1. 7 Danny Caylor
2. 4 Jeff Firestine
3. 30 Chris Huntoon
4. 72 David Weinrich
5. 71 Dalton Ellis
6. 23 Kenny Gibson
7. 48 Rob McCormick

Mini Stock

1. 44 Cody LaVance
2. 14 Michael Meeks
3. 61 Jacob Wallace III
4. 62 Mike McLallen
5. 25 West Smith
6. 99 Amber Higbee

V8 Bomber
1. 7 Blaine Baer
2. 98 Cody Allen
3. 44 Billy Benoit
4. 18 Logan Leonard
5. 20 Kenny Gardiner
6. 86 Bubba VanDevender
7. 13D Jordan Dahl
8. 71 Dalton Ellis
9. 73 Morgan Guin
10. 48 Rob McCormick

Outlaw Modified
1. 11 Kevin Campbell
2. 5 Kyle Rice
3. 81 Lathan Chambers
4. 51 John Pollard Jr.
5. 26 Michael Endee-DNS
6. 42 Matt Wedgewood-DNS

Auburndale Speedway

American Racer Sportsman Twin 25 Race #1

1. 03 Geogre Gorham
2. 43 Brett Jenkins
3. 14 Adam Briggs
4. 16 Tim Sozio
5. 5 Bryton Prevatt
6. 92 Joe Winchell
7. 39 Ross Francisco
8. 00 Shawn Harper
9. 2 Chad Rutherford
10. 56 Brandon Morris
11 Charlie Brown–DQ’d unsportsman like conduct

Mini Cup
1. 88 Wilson Martins Jr
2. 71 Bill Rychel
07 Maria Martin—DNS

Mod Mini
1. 69 Michael Hinde
2. 3 Chris Narramore Jr
3. 9b Scott Bumgarner
4. 93 Chris Spring
5. 77 Lee Davis
6. 38 Clint Holmes
7. 5 Kelly Hahn
8. 62 Richard Brown
9. 80 Justin Ryan
10. 9m Fred Martin
11. 63 Daniel McLain
12. 88 Brad Blanton
45 Mike Kerrivan–DQ’d in tech
8 Mike Prevatt—DNS

Francisco’s Collision Center Pure Stocks

1. 41s Steven Osteen
2. 56 James Wright III
3. K9 George Gorham
4. 888 Craig Cuzzone
5. 15 Rebecca Catarelli
6. 175 Maria Martins
7. 4 Brandon Love
8. 11c Dodge Carlbert
9. 1 Mike Pitts
10. 5P James Peters
11. 64 Ronnie Abney
12. 07 Zach Perry
13. 41j Jammie Dunnahoe
14. 21 Sammy Coghill
A5 Thomas Meyers—DQ’d unsportsman like conduct

American Racer Sportsman Twin 25 Race #2 1. 56 Brandon Morris 2. 2 Chad Rutherford 3. 92 Joe Winchell
4 .03 George Gorham
5. 14 Travis Roland
6. 00 Shawn Harper
7. 39 Ross Francisco
8. 43 Brett Jenkins
9. 5 Bryton Prevatt
10. 11 Charlie Brown
11. 16 Tim Sozio

Citrus County Speedway

Ford Outlaw Figure 8

1. Neil Herne
2. Eric Sharrone
3. Shawn Senokossoff
4. Chuck Herne
5. Preston Davis
6. Dora Thorne
7. Martin Moff
8. Michael Autenrieth
9. Clayton Andrews
10. Justin Pittman

Flag Pole

1. Richard Henick
2. Kris Rummel
3. Tony Traina
4. Gerald Shumway
5. Keith Zavrel
6. Michael Gamache
7. Ricky Shahid
8. Thomas Gaffney
9. Nick Malverty
10. Lonnie Byassee

Demo Derby
1. Michael Autenrieth
2. Ralph Murchie
3. Nick Malverty
4. Daniel Valencia
5. Deric Sharrone
6. William Hindman
7. Raymond Rogers Jr

Enduro Feature

1. William Hindman
2. James Erb
3. Chris Harvey
4. Neil Herne
5. Chris Thornton
6. Matt Thornton
7. Michael Gilkerson II
8. Richard Henick
9. Zachary Robinson
10. Dustin Deschamps

Chain Car
1. Phili Joyner Jr
2. Michael Gamache
3. Tonya Traina
4. Lonnie Byassee
5. Neil Herne
6. Robert Anthony
7. Charles Herne
8. Dave Runion
9. Travis Schaub
10. Tony Williams
11. Jody Henley
12. Kris Rummel
13. Daniel Epier
14. Tom Corsi

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Driver Spotlight: Bill VanDevender

With not a lot of racing going on we figured we help you learn more about the drivers around the state with some Driver Spotlights

Bill VanDevender
Hometown: North Fort MYERS FL
Hometrack: 4-17 Southern Speedway
Birthday: 3/10
Class and #: Pro Truck #84

History: Started racing in 1999, Purestocks at Charlotte County Speedway.
Have raced everything from Bombers to Sprintcars.

Favorite place to race has to be Lakeland USA, but looking forward to going to Gresham

Racing idol, don’t really have an idol but respect Ken Schrader, Earnhardt, KB, Tim Richmond

People that help on truck: Jeremy and Michael Goddard, Will Patterson, Keith Mederios, Bubba, Stuart Vandevender John Boyer

Sponsors: Cypress Construction and Coatings, GATEWOOD glass, National Roofing



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It’s going to be a Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right we want to give a huge congratulations to Brandon and Jami Martin, who had their gender reveal as part of the Florida Pro truck Challenge Series intermission Saturday night at the 4-17 Southern Speedway, with lot of friends and family there to enjoy it with them. Brantley Michael Martin will be joining the racing family in July and I am sure he will follow the family tradition and become a racer. Lets once again give them our Congratulations.

Below is video of gender reveal.

Gender reveal

Congratulations to the Martin family….

Posted by 4-17 Southern Speedway and Events on Saturday, March 14, 2020

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