Jessica Murphy Grabs Big Win at Auburndale!

After qualifying 3rd and with the inversion starting 7th. Murphy worked patiently, yet aggressively up to grab the lead. Making the most pf a good handling truck she would lead halfway and the most laps to pick up the win and move from 16th in the points to 5th. Jim Cowhey Jr. started 12th and made a tremendous run to grab the second spot with a last lap bump and run. Tom Sozio, leading the points coming in, started 6th and had a good steady run to finish 3rd and gained 3 points and retained the points lead. Danny Anderson after showing up late to track and getting only 4 laps of practice, qualified and started 13th and worked his way through traffic to take a 4th place finish at the checkered flag. New comer Steve Markey driving a team truck to Jim Cowhey Jr. started 10th and notched a fifth place finish at the checkered.  Gerald Campbell was the All Compressor & Equipment Inc. Fast Qualifier and drew the 9 for the inversion, he would suffer a flat tire, but come back to manage an 8th place finish.  Josh Borem would earn rookie of the race with a 9th place finish.

Official Results Race #2

Florida United Pro-Truck Series

All Compressor & Equipment Inc. 50

1. 26 Jessica Murphy
2. 3 Jim Cowhey Jr.
3. 16x Tim Sozio
4. 50 Danny Anderson
5. 22 Steve Markey
6. 37 Nick Hernandez
7. 5 Jason Rendell
8. 2X Gerald Campbell (Fast Qualifier)
9. 111 Josh Borem
10. 16 Jessica Green
11. 84 Mica Williams
12. 7 Dylan Martin
13. 58 Michael Lira
14. 8 Joseph Mursuli
15. 2 Brad Bowman
16. 26X Jason Vail
17. 93 Jeff Firestine
18. 21 Randy Leonard
19. 41 Charlie Montgomery
20. 31 Donnie Burkhalter


Rookie of the year points:

1. Joesph Mursuli    33

2. Mica Williams       29

Josh Borem          29

3. Michael Lira         26

4. Brad Bowman      22

5. Dylan Martin        19

6. Randy Leonard    17

7. Donnie Burkhalter  9

8. Cody Martell          7

The next race for the Florida United Pro-Truck Series will be Saturday night May 19th at the Citrus County Speedway go to for all the info !

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