Pure Stock Convergence, as Auburndale, 4-17 Southern Speedway, and Citrus County Speedway all have same rules and tires for class


Pure Stock Convergence


Last year there was a lot of talk about those oh so glorious “good ole days”. At that time, it seemed like they were gone for good. Most of the drivers in the class stuck to their home track due to the rules being different. Only a small few would run different tracks due to the amount of work required to switch the cars over.

Now however, three tracks have agreed on the same rules package. 4-17, Auburndale and Citrus have approved the rules. This only leaves Showtime out of the mix for west central FL pure stocks. American Racers will be the tire of choice at all venues in the agreement.

Convergence now places it back into the drivers’ hands to get to different tracks and travel a little more, like the old days. Pure stocks have carried a good car count at each of the tracks in the past and regularly put on one of, if not the best show of the night.

I do not have any names unfortunately; however, it appears that the driving force behind this was the drivers, making lots of calls to the tracks, and getting a group of drivers to support this as well. And of course, the track owners for accepting the request for updated rules. Tracks working together will benefit every single person in the sport.

Bravo and well done to all involved in making this agreement happen.


Video of Pure Stocks: