Press Release February 26th, 2021; Deland Florida: Joey Maxwell, Founder and CEO of The Studio Creative Group, an Emmy Award winning Film Production company, is proud to announce the unveiling of their latest project “Short Track Warriors”. This will be a cinematic high energy Documentary Series that follows carefully selected drivers and teams that are competing on short tracks at an elevated level for Championships in a travelling Series. The Docu-Series will follow racers throughout the season on both asphalt and dirt short tracks.
The Pilot Episode is scheduled to be released this Spring, Joey Maxwell says “We are currently in Post Production, the Pilot Episode introduces our first three drivers and their families both on and off the track, and delves into their personal lives as well as their history and future within the sport”.
Executive Producer, Racer and Promoter Tom Whipple says “Each subsequent episode will follow a similar format as the Pilot, we will be introducing new drivers and industry experts as we follow our teams throughout the season. At the end of the year someone will win a Championship, and it may or may not be one of our featured drivers”.
Short Track Warriors is named to describe the drive, dedication and determination of the people involved in the sport of Short Track Racing. The dictionary definition of a Warrior is “a brave and experienced soldier or fighter who is very strong and doesn’t give up easily”. The Warriors are not always just the Racer, but the Family, the Team Members and those that support the effort it takes to compete at this level.
Accomplished Writer and Series Director Kevin Kimball says “We will take you behind the scenes, into the pits and into the lives, homes and families of the men and women behind the wheel and lift the visor on these Short Track Warriors”.
Behind every wheel and behind every helmet lies the face of determination.
For more information and release dates and times follow the show at or on FaceBook at Short Track Warriors.