Ken Kinney post:
I’m trying to put the words together, but I’m finding it difficult. I have so many people to thank and will through many posts , but have to admit that tonight makes the top 3 of most disappointing nights as a track owner. I saw so many people having a good time and honestly stayed in the shadows working as to not take anything away from the moments. We will make up each part of the event and will release the dates for each class today after reviewing class schedules. The fun and interaction that I saw being had was priceless and I’m very sorry that mother nature did not let us finish last night.

A special thank you goes out to Justin Webster. Man you almost saved the day. You did an amazing job not once but twice! Honestly you might have been able to do it a third time , but the pits were flooded to the point of being very dangerous. Again thank you for being an all around great guy and one. heck of a grader operator.