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Driver Spotlight for Sunshine State Racing: Asphalt /Dirt

Name: Hunter Lovelady

Hometown: Lakeland, Florida

Home Track:Auburndale Speedway

Birthday: 06/16/2000

Class: Late model & 4 cylinder

Car Number: 68

History: When did you start racing and what did you start racing? March 12,2019 and I started racing a (Scrambler)
What is your favorite track to race at? Eastbay Raceway Park

Who is your racing idol?When I was younger My Dad Raymond Lovelady , But now would definitely have to be Kyle Busch

Highlight: favorite race win, favorite race etc. Almost flipping at Eastbay in heat race and finishing 6th in the feature

People that help on your car: Grandpa , Dad , Mom , and my Uncle

Racecar Engineering , and My Grandpa