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They say a smile is worth a thousands words well Sunday night I think that was True for Old school racer David Weaver, who finished 2nd in the pro late model race at NSS for night 3 of the World series of asphalt. David and his brother and father are a group of old school racers from Hialeah speedway, who may not have the budget of most of his competition but still competes with all he has. David and Family have raced speed weeks faithfully for the last 30 years. Sunday night he held back and waited for his chance to take home the second place spot and as he climb out of the car the crowd roared with cheers as he parked the old blue #11 on the front stretch. Most of his competitors put on tires every race, but not David his tires were well over 100 laps old and from night one of the world series.

David is a regular of this event a lots of racer at the 4-17 Southern Speedway, they may not all ways come with new tires or the best of the best but they come with the love of the sport and have fun doing what they love.

“I can not believe it, I love it, I love it” David said in his post race interview.

If you have not had a chance to talk with this team I encourage you to do so as you will not find a more down to earth love for racing team any where.