Story From ground Pounders, Dave Sink

January 25, 2021 – Pinellas Park, Florida – Showtime Speedway officials today clarified the rules package for the upcoming February 26-27 “Dave Steele World Non Wing Sprint Car Championship 125”. The event utilized Little 500 rules at last years event and the same will hold true this year, albeit with the 2020 rules package.
Just last week Anderson Speedway officials altered the current Little 500 rules for this May’s event. Due to the lateness of the new Little 500 rules package, Showtime Speedway promoter Robert Yoho elected to stick with the 2020 rules. Many teams may not have had enough time to conform to the updated rules. Under the new Little 500 rules, the noticeable changes were a new weight rule and aerodynamic rules pertaining to body panels.
The tire compounds for the Feb. 26-27, 2021 event were already announced previously and are as follows:
RR – Hoosier 450
LR – Hoosier M-30
RF – Hoosier 2030
LF – Hoosier 2010
2020 Little 500 rules -TYPE OF CARS: Only normal traditional sprint car bodies will be permitted. Supermodified or Roadster type bodies are not permitted. No rear-engine sprinters or wings. NO OFFSET CHASSIS ALLOWED. All cars shall be rear wheel drive only. The rear axle offset shall be determined by measuring from the farthest portion of the wheel to the centerline of the rear axle
centerline assembly. The maximum distance allowed is forty-three inches. The total overall width is seventy-eight inches, front and rear. All cars must be equipped with roll cages. Cars
must have full belly pan. Additionally, all cars must utilize a BLANKET underneath the belly pan. FUEL CELL WITH BLADDER IS MANDATORY. Fuel tanks may not protrude from the body
of the car nor shall it cause lines of car to be altered out of shape or exposed outside the body and must be located in a standard, safe location. All cars must weigh a minimum of 1,300 lbs
before, during and after qualifying and the race without the driver. No starters or clutches are permitted on cars at any time. Methanol ONLY. Gasoline is prohibited.