Danny Martin Wins Race and Points Champion 2013

Danny Martin at Hendry CountyThe Eagle Jet/Top Gun Sprints made their fifth visit of 2013 to the Hendry County Motorsports Park in Clewiston on Saturday December 14, 2013. There were 16 cars at the track to give fans two heat races, and a 25 lap feature race.

The heat races are lined up using a pill pull system, and Tim George in the 1* had the pole for the start of the WELD RACING heat race with Ken Laureno in the 36 on the outside, Tim took the race lead, on the first lap 3A,15,and 36 got together and AJ was not able to restart. On the restart Tim took the lead, till Danny Martin in the 24 took the lead and the win. Gene Lasker had the pole for the start of the BROWN & MILLER heat race in the 02 car with Johnny Alexander in the 3T on the outside, Gene  took the initial race lead and went on to take the heat win, but forgot to go to scales so was DQed. That gave the win to Kyle Pitts in the 7 car.

During the intermission drivers and their cars was on the front stretch signing autographs and handing out RAD (Race Against Drugs) coloring books.

Using a passing points system to line up the feature race and an eight car inversion, Mike Schroeder in the 6 car had the pole for the start of the EAGLE JET feature race, with Johnny Alexander in the 3T car on the outside. The race got underway with Mike leading and Lap 1 seen first red caution with Billy Boyd flipping in turn 2 ending his night. On the restart it was Mike in the lead with Tyler Godwin closing in. Lap 9 the 10X of Sean Clark got tapped coming out 4 and spun into front stretch wall bring out the 2 red of the night. On the restart it Tyler got around Mike, then with two laps to go Danny Martin went high and Tyler went low around lapped traffic and Danny came out first and took the lead and the win. Tyler Godwin in the 82 finished in second place, followed by Shane Kreidler in the 52, Kyle Pitts in the 7, with AJ Maddox in the 3A car finishing out the top 5. The KSE Hard Charger Award went to AJ Maddox in the 3A car; Danny also won the Jeff Barfield Sweep of $400. Danny Martin wins 2013 Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints Points Champion.


The Eagle Jet/ Top Gun Sprints Official’s and Owner and Drivers thank everyone for the support in 2013 everyone have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Weld Racing Heat #1

1)      24 Danny Martin (Sarasota, FL)

2)      1 Tim George (Venice, FL)

3)      52 Shane Kreidler (Jupiter, FL)

4)      9 Billy Boyd (Gibsonton, FL)

5)      36 Ken Laureno (Port Charlotte, FL)

6)      10X Sean Clark (North Port, FL)

7)      15 Johnny Gilbertson (Plant City, FL)

8)      3A AJ Maddox (Brandon, FL)



Brown & Miller Heat #2

1)      7 Kyle Pitts (Mulberry, FL.)

2)      82 Tyler Godwin (Tampa, FL)

3)      3T Johnny Alexander (Tampa, FL)

4)      6 Mike Schroeder (Southwest Ranches, FL.)

5)      8 Rich Alexander (Tampa, FL)

6)      21A Rebecca George (Venice, FL)

7)      82T Ashlyn Durden (Brandon, FL)

8)      02 Gene Lasker (Tampa, FL) DQ


Eagle Jet Feature

1) 24 Danny Martin; 2) 82 Tyler Godwin; 3) 52 Shane Kreidler; 4) 7 Kyle Pitts; 5) 3A AJ Maddox; 6) 15 Johnny Gilbertson; 7) 1* Tim George; 8) 3T Johnny Alexander; 9) 6 Mike Schroeder; 10) 21A Rebecca George; 11) 36 Ken Laureno; 12) 8 Rich Alexander; 13) 02 Gene Lasker; 14) 10X Sean Clark; 15) 82T Ashlyn Durden; 16) 9 Billy Boyd

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