EagleJetTopGunlogoBlackSmallThe Eagle Jet / Top Gun Sprints made their first visit of 2014 to Volusia Speedway Park on Saturday April 19, 2014. There were 19 cars at the track to give fans three heat races and a 25 lap feature race.

Kyle Pitts in the 7 car had the pole for the start of the BROWN & MILLER heat race. Kyle took the lead on the start, and then it was Danny Martin got around him for the win. The 02 of Gene Lasker had the pole for the start of the DMI heat race. Gene and took the race lead and led from start to finish taking the heat win. AJ Maddox in the 3A car had the pole for the start of the LUCAS OIL heat race; AJ took the lead and the heat win.

The 38 of Tony Agin had the pole for the start of the Eagle Jet feature race event, with the 24 of Danny Martin alongside. After a parade lap, the race went to green and it was Tony Agin in the 38 car that took the lead then the 24 of Danny Martin got out front and never looked backed and took the checkered flag, followed by Tony Agin in the 38 car, Matt Kurtz in the 82 car, Mark Ruel Jr. in the 83 car, and AJ Maddox in the 3A car rounding out the top 5.

The staff and racers of the Eagle Jet/Top Gun Sprints would like to thank everyone for their support and hope to see you at the next race at East Bay Raceway Park April 26, 2014

Congratulations go out to Shawn Murray for winning the KSE Hardcharger Award.  Congratulations go to Danny Martin for winning the JEFF BARFIELD MEMORIAL SWEEP of $200.


Volusia Speedway Park, April 19, 2014

Heat #1 Brown& Miller


1)      24 Danny Martin (Sarasota, FL)

2)      14 Tyler Clem (St. Petersburg, FL)

3)      11 Brett O’Donnell (Deland, FL)

4)      79 David Slawiak (Seffner, FL)

5)      99 Tanner Witherspoon (Jacksonville, FL)

6)      7 Kyle Pitts (Mulberry, FL)

7)      22 Shawn Murray (Jacksonville, FL)


Heat #2 DMI


1)      02 Gene Lasker (Tampa, FL)

2)      82 Matt Kurtz (Jacksonville, FL)

3)      36 Ken Laureno (Pt. Charlotte, FL)

4)      52 Shane Kreidler (Jupiter, FL)

5)      83 Mark Ruel Jr. (Jacksonville, FL)

6)      17C Aileen Collins (Odessa, FL)


Heat #3 Lucas Oil


1)      3A AJ Maddox ( Brandon, FL)

2)      38 Tony Agin (Fort Myers, FL)

3)      G6 Brandon Grubaugh (Ocala, FL)

4)      98 Hal Wilson (Crescent City, FL)

5)      8  Rich Alexander (Tampa, FL)

6)      2X Rex Howe (Jacksonville, FL)DNS


Feature Eagle Jet

1) 24 Danny Martin; 2) 38 Tony Agin; 3) 82 Matt Kurtz; 4) 83 Mark Ruel Jr.; 5) 3A AJ Maddox; 6) 22 Shawn Murray; 7) 52 Shane Kreidler; 8) 11 Brett O’Donnell; 9) 14 Tyler Clem; 10) 98 Hal Wilson; 11) 8 Rich Alexander; 12) 99 Tanner Witherspoon; 13) 79 David Slawiak; 14) 17C Aileen Collins; 15) G6 Brandon Grubaugh; 16) 7 Kyle Pitts; 17) 02 Gene Lasker; 18) 36 Ken Laureno; 19) 2X Rex Howe; DNS