That’s right Corey Bigley, is follow in the Footsteps of his Dad Billy Bigley Jr. and younger brother Dylan Bigley with his trip to victory lane Saturday night at the 4-17 Southern Speedway in Punta Gorda. Corey pulled off the victory in the 50 lap pro truck race, where he took the lead early and never looked back. On a restart Corey made the high side of the track work for him as he took the lead and would stay out front the rest of the night. After the exciting win Corey in old school fashion took the Sunoco Checkered Flag for a victory lap. He was all smiles as he climbed out of his family famous black and orange #28 pro truck and showered his crew with cold ice water. Corey was greeted with congratulations from his family and crew.

Below is link to winner interview:

Corey Bigley wins pro truck feature here is his post race interview

Posted by Sunshine State Racing on Saturday, February 8, 2020

Rest of the nights results:

February 8, 2020
Race results
Pro Truck Qualifying
1. 73 Morgan Guin 15.761 (New Track Record)
2. 12 Granger Perra 15.785
3. 28 Corey Bigley 15.788
4. 00G Gavin Graham 15.870
5. 27 Cody Krucker 15.871
6. 92 Brennon Pletcher 15.932
7. 46 Jimmy Jackson 16.140
8. 24 Chase King 16.284
9. 99 Johnny Marra 16.950
10. 13 Damien Kohut 17.086
Feature 50 Laps
1. 28 Corey Bigley
2. 73 Morgan Guin
3. 27 Cody Krucker
4. 12 Granger Perra
5. 92 Brennon Pletcher
6. 24 Chase King
7. 00G Gavin Graham
8. 46 Jimmy Jackson
9. 99 Johnny Marra
10. 13 Damien Kohut

Pictures from the night: