Caylor and Dufresne battel for 50 laps of Street Stock action at 4-17 Southern Speedway and events

Danny Caylor and Jeff Dufresne battled it out for 50 laps around the 4-17 Southern Speedway last Saturday night. Caylor was able to lead a majority of the race but on a late race restart Dufresne was able to use the high side to take the lead and not look back.

In his post race winner interview posted below Jeff said ” it never hurts when you have a great super late model crew working on your car” referring to the 30 team of Jesse Dutilly and the Carbone Motorsports crew that was helping him Saturday night.

The Street Stocks will be back in action this week for twin 25’s as Jeff returns to try and take two more wins in the Street Stock Challenge that was offered by track owners Joe and Janet Gentry. Any Street stock that can win 3 of 4 races these three weeks in a row will win a $500 bonus. When asked what he thought of the bonus Dufresne said  ” That is why I am here”


Jeff Dufresne wins street stock 50 lapper at 4-17 Southern Speedway and Events

Posted by Sunshine State Racing on Sunday, February 9, 2020

Race Results:

Street Stock
1. 34 Jeff Dufresne 15.954
2. 7 Danny Caylor 16.000
3. 30 Chris Huntoon 16.112
4. 4 Jeff Firestine 16.113
5. 23 Kenny Gibson 16.311
6. 67 James Dubose 16.417
7. 15 Steve Duerr 17.042
8. 417 Gavin Sexton 17.161
9. 13 Phil Ellis 17.838
Feature 50 Laps
1. 34 Jeff Dufresne
2. 7 Danny Caylor
3. 4 Jeff Firestine
4. 30 Chris Huntoon
5. 67 James Dubose
6. 15 Steve Duerr
7. 23 Kenny Gibson
8. 417 Gavin Sexton
9. 13 Phil Ellis