Andrew Hopkins Wins Third Feature Of The Year In Late Model Sportsman and Eric Moon Wins Second Feature Of The Year In Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds At East Bay Raceway Park

GIBSONTON — At East Bay Raceway it was Wade Evans picking up the win in the Micro Sprints, Jim Baker in the Hobby Stocks, Eric Moon in the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Danny Bowman, Jr. in the 4 Cylinder Bombers and Andrew Hopkins in the Late Model Sportsman.

In the 15-lap Micro Sprints it was Wade Evans picking up his third win of the season over second place Joseph Taylor and third place Cliff Evans.

In the 15-lap Hobby Stock feature it was Jim Baker picking up his first feature win of the year over second place David Barwick, II and third place Buck Woodhouse.

In the 15-lap Gagel’s Open Wheel Modified feature it was Eric Moon winning his second feature of the year over second place Bill Howard, Sr. and third place Paul Shead.

In the 4 Cylinder Bomber 15-lap feature it was Danny Bowman, Jr. picking up the win over second place Robert Kissam and third place David Wilber.

In the final feature of the night in the 15-lap Late Model Sportsman it was Andrew Hopkins picking up another feature win over second place Forrest Gough and third place John Bradley.

Action continues this Saturday August 5th with Late Models, Hobby Stocks, Outlaw Fours and Mini Sprints. For information, visit or call 813-677-7223.

Saturday’s results
Micro Sprints (15-lap feature)
1. 10 Wade Evans
2. 29 Joseph Taylor
3. 17 Cliff Evans
4. 7 Mike Meyers
5. 23 Paul Seburn
6. 19 Chad Mears
7. 0 Jerod Meyers
8. 3 Joe Bartow
9. 27 Michael Nicosia
10. 5 Mariah Austin
11. 60 Dylan Varn

Hobby Stocks (15-lap feature)
1. 69x Jim Baker
2. 89 David Barwick, II
3. 55 Buck Woodhouse
4. 75h Stephen Hohlbaugh
5. 57 Thomas Haynes
6. 51 Allen Bailey
7. 71 Richard Livernois, Jr.
8. 64 Doug Johnson
9. 270 Matthew Grissom

Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds (15-lap feature)
1. 18 Eric Moon
2. 22 Bill Howard, Sr.
3. 7s Paul Shead
4. 47 Bill Howard, Jr.
5. 22 Dale Kelley
6. 67 Garret Stewart
7. 15 Roger Crouse
8. 117 Patrick Vareika
9. 84 Ronnie Whitley
10. 9c Don Crandall

4 Cylinder Bomber 2nd Feautre (15-lap feature)
1. 46 Danny Bowman, Jr.
2. 911 Robert Kissam
3. 24 David Wilber
4. T2 Thomas Adams
5. 14b Bailey Purcell
6. 21 Rodney Martin
7. 07 Wayne Kissam
8. 3d Daniel Casey
9. 4 Rick Rutledge, Sr.
10. 4x Britt Mann
11. 124 Ricky Rutledge, Jr.
12. T4 DJ Taylor (DQ – No Right Rear Brake)

Late Model Sportsman (15-lap feature)
1. 13 Andrew Hopkins
2. 21 Forrest Gough
3. 52 John Bradley
4. 15 Roger Crouse
5. 102 Jason Pope
6. 7t Jonathan Thomas
7. 27 Timmy King, Jr.
8. 03 Tanner Cobb
9. Wesley Livernois (DNS)

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