Saturday night at the Full Throttle Speedway was something you just needed to see for yourself! The atmosphere was something more than electric, and everyone that walked through the gate was a part of the show. It was a steady stream of traffic that flowed into the parking lot and it never seemed to stop. As the fans walked through the gate’s they were greeted by smiling faces telling them to have a good time ,and you might want to grab a bag of popcorn and grab a seat cause its filling up fast. The stands were packed from turn 4, all the way down the front straight to turn 1. As the night started fans were ready to run the gambit of emotions that come with American Saturday night stock car racing.

The Florida TQ Midgets were the first to take to the 3/8’s high bank oval,
and it would set the bar for just how exciting and dangerous racing can
be.The #6 Jay Stutz from Riverview, and #2 Geoff Styner of Cape Coral
started on the front row for the feature event, as the green flag dropped it was a side by side battle for the first lap. As they made there first circuit they were still side by side into turn one. #23 Steve Maier , of Port St. Lucie, made his move and took the lead coming off of turn 2.

Styner, was a close 2nd going into turn 3 when something broke on his #2
machine. The car instantly broke lose, spun around flipped onto its left side and slid roof first into the turn 4 wall and came to rest in the middle of turn 3 and 4. Track Safety and officials responded quickly to attend to Styner . Because of the severity of the crash and the type of injuries that could be related, emergency officials called for Bay flight, to transport Styner , to Blake Memorial Hospital in Bradenton , FL. We later found out that he had a cracked vertebrae, a cracked sternum, and punctures to his lungs. Once the track was clear, the race was restarted
with #63 David Steele of Tampa taking the win. #51 Chris Gimmler , of Palm
Beach Gardens was 2nd, and #23 Steve Maier was 3rd.

Rookie 4’s took to the small track for their feature. The #3 Sherry Best,
of Myakka City, took the win. #11 Zach Rogers, of Clearwater , was 2nd and
#41 Marina Petty, of Venice, was 3rd.

The Street Stocks were ready for battle, as 15 drivers took to the high banks of the Full Throttle Speedway, #91 (Out of my way) Kay Jackson, of Punta Gorda , and #3 Jeff Dufresne , started on the front row, for the 25 lap feature event. For the first 5-8 laps, it was side by side nose to tale action all the way through the field. As they started to fan out some drivers started to work their way through the field, as the leaders duked
it out Jackson, was in control of the race with the #84 of Rob Haygood , of
Bradenton, knocking on his back door. Haygood, made several attempts to
make a move on the out side but ran out of room and was pinched off, and
bounced off the backstretch wall. A few laps later, Haygood , drove his car
deep into turn 3 and made contact with the leader, Jackson. Jackson, spun
and was collected by the #71 Darrin Ellis, of Myakka City. This would end
the race for them both and Haygood , would go to the back of the field for the restart. With the checkered flag getting close the #88 Derek Lucas, of Sarasota, worked his way to the front and took the win. Dufresne ,was 2nd and #36 Stuart VanDevender, of North Fort Myers finished 3rd.

It was time to make history with some of the fastest drivers in the state
of Florida. 1300 lbs,and 750 hp. of Methanol burn, winged devils. The
Safety-kleen, Tampa Bay Area Racing Association ( TBARA ), were ready to take to the high banks of The Full Throttle Speedway, at break neck speeds for 30 laps. 7mins 31 seconds later we had a winner! 22 drivers would take the green flag, #31 Dude Teate , of Lees burg ,and #55 Tommy Nichols, of
Tampa, started on the front row. It was side by side for a few laps, and then it was time to start passing some sprint cars. The first 10 laps, the drivers were feeling out their cars. Once they hit lap ten, drivers had to make their moves toward the front of the field. Teate ,was in control of the race from the drop of the green flag with Nicols , in 2nd and Scotty Adema , of Fort Myers, in 3rd. Around 8 laps to go, the top 6 were nose to tale, and it was any ones race. #33 David Steele, had started 5th and
finally made his move on the top side of turn 2, and never looked back. Dude Teate would hang on for 2nd and Scotty Adema, finished 3rd.

Legend cars were ready for there 20 laps, and they did not disappoint,
with several lead changes and side by side action, it was set up to be a
great finish. Lakeland , driver #7 Dakota Baggett , seizing the win over 2nd
place Michael Torres, in the #15 from Apopka , and #29 Joey Azzata , out of
Boca Raton , in 3rd.

22 Road Warriors were rolling deep, and it was door slamming action for all
25 laps. The #96 Rob Vigilo ,of Bradenton ,came out on top with the win.
#10 Jason Miller, of Lehigh Acres, was 2nd and #33 Chris Loney ,of Naples,
finished 3rd.

20 Lap feature for the Pro 4’s, turned into a nose to tail, finish with
with the top 3, bumper to bumper, as they took the checkered flag. Randy
Johnson, of Bradenton , took the win with JCR Jess, in 2nd and Ronnie
Robinson, taking 3rd.

John Pummel Jr, of Arcadia, took the win for the Cowboy Cadillacs. Trey
Lively, out of Ruskin, took the top spot for the Bandoleros .

The Full Throttle Speedway, will be ready for action this
Saturday, May 11th. It will be another big night of racing, with the Open
Wheel Modifieds , Late Model Sportsman, Pro Trucks, Rookie Trucks, Pro 4’s,
Rookie 4’s, and Cowboy Cadillacs.

We are located 9 miles east of I75 (exit 220) on SR64 in Bradenton , Florida.

Our address is:

*21000A SR64 E*
* Bradenton , FL 34212*
*Tel: 941-748-3171*

*Email: info@ fullthrottleracepark .com http :// fullthrottleracepark .com/info@ fullthrottleracepark .com
*Office Hours*
9:00am to 5:00pm (Tuesday thru Friday)
*General Admission Prices*

– $13 Adults
– $11 Seniors
– Kids 12 and under FREE with adult

*Weekly* *Schedule*
– Pit Gates open at 1:30 PM
– Front Gates open at 4:30 PM
– Practice by Division 3:00 PM to 5:15 PM
– Drivers Meeting 5:30 PM
– Qualifying 5:45 PM
– Heats 6:15 PM
– Features 7:00 PM

  • Race Schedule: May 11th
    – Open Wheel Modified
    – Late Model Sportsman
    – Pro Truck
    – Rookie Truck
    – Pro 4 / Rookie 4
    – Cowboy Cadillac





1.33 David Steele

2.31 Dude Teate

3. 67 Scotty Adema

4.11. Joey Aguilar

5. 5 Mickey Kempgens

6. 55 Tommy Nichols

7. 21 Jimmy Alvis Jr.

8.8 Kurt Taylor

9. 22 Johnny Gilbertson

10.2 Larry Brazil Jr.

11. 68 Sonny Hartley

12. 7 John Gilbert Jr.

13.51 Mark Gimmler

14. J1Mike Tharp

15. 85 Rex Hollinger

16. 54 Todd Hoggard

17.37 Jason Hoggard

18. 17 Francis Crowder

19. 97 Grant Thormeier

20. 8 Kurt Taylor

21. 23 Chris Gimmler

22. 9 Matt Alfonso D.N.S.

23. 39 Alan Randisi D.N.S.

24. 15 Geoff Styner D.N.S.


1.88 Derek Lucas Sarasota

2. 36 Stuart Vandevender N. Fort Myers

3. 3 Jeff Dufresne Bradenton

4.7 Blaine Baer Port charlotte

5. 80 Richard Nelson Port Charlotte

6. 84 Rob Haygood Bradenton

7. 10 Tim Miller

8. 64 Dave Bowman Bradenton

9. 2 Bobby Fischer Naples

10. 67 Jimmy Best Sarasota

11. 91 Kay Jackson Punta Gorda

12. 1 Mark Picklesiner Palmetto

13. 71 Darrin Ellis Myakka City

14. 3x Duane Best Myakka City

15. 9 Shane Poling Punta Gorda


  1. 96 Bob Vigilo Bradenton
  2. 10 Jason Miller Lehigh Acres
  3. 33 Chris Loney Naples
  4. 28 Scott McKay Bradenton
  5. 98 Cody Allen Lehigh Acres
  6. 80 Richard Nelson Port Charlotte
  7. 02 Glenn Keller
  8. 25 Roy Healey
  9. 8 Shane Leonard Cape Coral
  10. 18 Logan Leonard Cape Coral
  11. 13 Justin Teston Lehigh Acres
  12. 43 Mark Petty Venice
  13. 63 Kyle Best Myakka City
  14. 80x Chad Cummings Palmetto
  15. 77x James Dellea 3rd. Port Charlotte
  16. 97 Chris ScottNokomis
  17. 77 James Dellea Port Charlotte
  18. 15 Clint Snyder North Port
  19. 99 Geoff Galvin Venice
  20. 57 Ben Kelly Venice
  21. 44 Rick Hess Cape Coral
  22. 10x Tristin Collins North Port


1 86 John Pummel Jr Arcadia

2. 22 Rick Mills Arcadia


  1. 73 Randy Johnson Bradenton
  2. 91 Jessica Osterovskis St. Pete
  3. 05 Ronnie Robinson Bradenton
  4. 1 Rob Boos
  5. 99x Michael Hart
  6. 63 Kris Bridges Venice
  7. 99 Johnny Marra Punta Gorda
  8. 13 Alex Teston Lehigh Acres
  9. 87 Skyler Null Cape CoraL d.n.s.
  10. 41T Kenny Gibson dns


1.3 Sherry Best Myakka City

2. 11 Zach Rogers Clearwater

3. 41 Marina Petty Venice

4. 41t Tino Gleusner Venice D.N.S.


1. 63 Mike Belusar Punta Gorda

2. 51 Chris Gimmler Palm Beach Gardens

3. 23 Steven Maier Port St. Lucie

4. 30 Rob Kohler Naples

5. 6 Jay Stutz Riverview

6. 2 Geoff Styner Cape Coral

7. 14 Scott Adema Cape Coral D.N.S.


  1. 7 Dakota Baggett Lakeland
  2. 15 Michael Torres Apopka
  3. 29 Joey Azzata Boca Raton
  4. 14b Jorden Black Orlando
  5. 00 Dan Coker Palm Beach Gardens
  6. 07 Dave Gleasoh Orlando
  7. 54 Tony Steinbuck Tamarac
  8. 99 Kyle Capabianco Spring Hill
  9. 96 Teddy Lively Ruskin
  10. 26 Joey Largis Coral Springs
  11. 2 David Patterson Port Charlotte
  12. 48 Carl Haag Port St. Lucie

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