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Auburndale Speedway Results from August 13, 2011

By Carol Andrews

We had a fun filled evening of racing entertainment Saturday Night at Auburndale Speedway. The winners in each division are as follows:


1-#19 Keith Sinkula

2-#65 Mark Bibeau

3-#24 Trey Lively

4-#23 A J Freitas

5-#13 Braden Nash


1-#7 Dakota Baggette

2-#31 Lynn Wiles

3-#21 Devin McLeod

4-#00 Anthony Cataldi

5-#96 Chase Fitzgerald

6-#00x Darin Coker

7-#59x Becca Monopoli

8-#71 Mason Ketterman

9-#85 Drew Carter

10-#65 Coty Bibeau

11-#96L Teddy Lively

12-#02 Wendell Bristol

13-#4R Russ Thompson

14-#11 Daniel Conlin Jr

N/S#11x Daniel Conlin Sr.

Mini Cups

1-#52 Bryan Kuhn

2-#05 Jim Irish

3-#2 Skip Baird

4-#13 Darrell Taylor

5-#23 Jeff Freitas

6-#9 Cole Partelo

7-#3 Brett Suggs

8-#99 Johnny Marra

9-#6 Ken Sarrasin

Mini Stocks

1-#40 Jason Swilley

2-#5 Eugene Davidson

3-#2 Dwight Ryals

4-#97 Willie Kennedy

5-#28 Kimberly Gullett

6-#99 Dakota Hunt

7-#53 Sonny Miles

Modified MIni

1-#01 Chris Zimmerman

2-#15 Jason Rendell

3-#77 Lee Davis

4-#52 Gary Brown

5-#44 Mike Lawhorn

6-#5 Keith Roggen

7-#42 Chris Spring

8-#67 Bo Davis

9-#9 Ashton Hunt

10-#78 Jeremy Watts

11-#89 Scott Sharpe

N/S#21 Fred Harrison Jr


1-#77 Jessica Green

2-#21 Eric Wallace

3-#93 Bruce Cozad

4-#25 Shane Bennett

5-#56 Brian Tyre

6-#67 Jeremiah Frere

7-#20 Bill Bennett

8-#39 Beth Swanson

9-#05 Jason Miller

Rookie Trucks

1-#8 Joseph Mursuli

2-#09 Jessica Robbins

N/S#82 Carolyn Jones


1-#87 Keith Lilley

2-#37 Nick Hernandez

3-#30 Chuck Burkhalter

4-#8 J R Garcia

5-#31 Donnie Burkhalter

6-#82 Steven Jones

7-#1 Bobby Owens

V-8 Bombers

1-#58 Matt Bozeman

2-#05 Buddy Phillips Jr

3-#70 Bill Konopa

4-#11 Greg King

5-#96 Larry Chumney

6-#29 Bobby Mobley

DQ#46 Reggie Ware II

DQ#1 Mike Pitts

DQ#98 Rick Norman

Powder Puff

1-#56 Heather Hunt

2-#77 Angela Bryant

3-#21 Cheryl Price

4-#67 Jessica Larose

5-#25 Amanda Miller

Next week at Auburndale Speedway,  Open Wheel Modified’s return along with Sportsman, Street Stocks, V-8 Bombers, Scramblers, Legends, Bandoleros, Outlaw Modified, and Kids Club. Racing starts at 7 PM. For more information call 863-551-1131 or 863-287-4344 or log on to www.auburndaleracing.com.

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Bubba Raceway Park: Look, Up In The Sky- A Full Moon

By Jimmy Rouse Rouse- Bubba Raceway Park Media

RaceCar Engineering Late Models highlighted the night while the Hobby Stocks, Amsoil V-8 Thunderstocks, Mini Stocks, and Gladiators raced to gain points in tight battles at the front. Of course, the track owner himself got in on the action before all was said and done.

As the case has been all season when they’re around, the Hobby Stocks were up first. Down the backstraight on the 1st lap David Bange slapped the wall, Brett Barrett climbed the fence, and Mark Maresca did the barrel roll, ending the sequence. Maresca was okay, but very disappointed after the roll. After the clean-up they tried the start again, but Kevin Durden hit the wall right where the other 3 did and he paid the price with the full twirl on the rear-end before Mick Kulak made contact with nowhere to go. Both did get out of the car on their own power. The fuel leaked out of Durden’s fuel cell so the red flag was a little bit longer then usual. On the 3rd attempt for the actual start Donnie Reed spun his 07 and half a dozen cars had to take evasive action. The 4th time was the true charm and we went 4 before Joe Belkey spun the 12 around from 2nd place. The green came back out and allowed Biggest Mover Mike Tovet to make ground up from the deep. Lap 9 was unkind to the 2009 champion as Bubba Christian got loose after contact with Howard Osteen and Christian hit the tire and ended his night after learning he was going to the rear. The field completed another lap before Howard Osteen found his 88H climbing the fence and tumbling down the frontstretch. At this point the timer called it and the Hobby Stocks went G-W-C. An intense 2 lap battle was the reward, but Tim Powers led flag-to-flag for his 2nd win of 2011. Buck Woodhouse stayed in 2nd for the most of the night with a tough task- to hold off David Bange. Mike Tovet was 4th, and Tom Pratt came back from an early incident for a top 5. Cody Albright was careful all night and kept his green 27 out of trouble and took 6th. Joe Belkey and Donnie Reed both had spins in the race and finished 7th and 8th, respectively with Bud Chancey 9th and James Erickson rounding out the top 10.

With $500 on the line and Double Points on the mind the Mini Stocks came out for another battle. Roberto Morfin, Jr. was pulling away from the field but midway through the race his engine started to go sour. The only caution during the feature was on lap 9 for Jimbo Bird when his car stopped in turn 3. Coming through the field were the 2 drivers with multiple wins in 2011 and on lap 11 they went by Morfin who’s engine had expired. Green to the end and “Hammerdown” Shirlene Hammond took her 3rd win of 2011 followed by the other 3 time winner Ray Folwell, Jamie Burrows was 3rd, Brittany Yates lost some points after a 4th place finish, and Ryan Babcock rounded out the top 5. Jimbo Bird was 6th, Roberto Morfin, Jr. did get credited with 7th, Ray Ethridge 8th, Stephen Hahlbaugh 9th, and Buddy Pope scored 10th.

Larry Anderson brought out the first caution for the Late Models after a flat tire left him stranded on lap 4. The restart gave Rich Pratt a smell of the lead and he drove to it for a few laps. The lap 7 caution for Tim Zackery’s spin bunched the field up again with a lot of experience in the top 5. The green came out, but in turn 1 Bubba found himself facing the wrong direction and brought out the yellow. The field got a few more laps in and Adam Bedenbaugh got back around Pratt on lap 8. Chris Fontaine, Phillip Cobb, Tim Zackery, Kenny Monahan, and Bryan Bernhardt all spun on lap 9 and some contact left some of those involved with work to be done on their race cars. Bubba’s 14 machine had an ignition failure and lap 12 was all it would see. The green waved again, but on lap 14 “IceMan” Austin Kirkpatrick went straight into the turn 4 wall but only made slight contact. The final 11 laps were green and with 5 to go it was time for the points leader to show the field what his 21 has. Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. took a win on his birthday with Adam Bedenbaugh in 2nd. JO Nobles had the 18JO hooked up and he drove it to 3rd while Donnie Chappell drove his 58 to 4th and Dillon Wood rounded out the top 5 after starting in the rear. Brandon Cameron was 6th with Rich Pratt 7th, Christian Augspurger a very quiet 8th, and Bryan Bernhardt and Tim Zackery both drove back up for 9th and 10th, respectively. On the frontstretch after the race Bubba drew a lucky fan’s name out of the bucket and they got his winnings for the night.

The Amsoil V-8 Thunderstocks had a very rare week off and were ready to go. Jonathan Appleby took the lead before Brandon Tillander, who had let his huge pet rat out of the 73 when he spun in his Heat, brought out the caution with the right fornt tire nearly gone. After the restart David Miller, Jr. took the Pearson throwback 21 to the lead and held it until after the restart for Tim Mathieu’s stop on the clay. Cookie Cantley and Glenn Baum spun in turn 2 after Chad Scranton had taken the lead when Miller parked for the night. The next lap saw Chris Shea take the lead and his brother Brian had a tire go down and brought out the yellow. The final yellow of this sequence was for Chad Scranton who lost the left rear tire and went home on the hook. On lap 14 “The Canuck” Tim Mathieu spun and Mickey Jackson stopped and the yellow waved. Time expired and the G-W-C was used. The 2 lap battle gave the field another shot, but Chris Shea had his 76 hooked up and he took his 2nd career win at Bubba Raceway Park. Harold Erickson kept the 66 up front all night with Biggest Mover Luke Sadler in 3rd. Jason Blackmer and John Thorpe rounded out the top 5. Gordon Cade had an uneventful night in 6th, James Sullivan had a great run with 7th, Jonathan Appleby held on for 8th, Mark Trexler did a great job to get the 34 into 9th, and “Mr. Consistency” Jonathan Gillette had another 10th place finish after the problems he endured throughout the day.

The 5th and final feature was the Gladiators and they put a great race on for the fans. After 2 laps Steve Johnson and Brandon Haseleu made contact and spun right back to where they started. Reid Christensen took the lead early and gapped the field significantally. On lap 8 Richard Todd spun out of turn 4 and brought the yellow flag out again. The very next lap Frank Pelusio stopped in turn 1 and was the 3rd caution for the division. Dennis Sanderson took the car he drove in the Fan Participation race and turned it into a Gladiator. With 1 to go his night ended with some right front tire problems. Reid Christensen had some faster cars behind him, but he drove like a veteran and took that elusive 1st career win while driving Art Souther’s car. Robert Graham was 2nd, Brandon Haseleu was 3rd, Stephen Frankland put his Orlando Kia 7UK in 4th, and Jerry Taylor rounded out the top 5. Steve Johnson was 6th, Richard Todd 7th, Jaylyn Amspaugh 8th, Chuch Mathias fell through the field to 9th, and Kody Fisher rounded out the top 10.

The August Break has arrived and with those 2 weeks it will allow drivers to rebuild and refresh for One Last One For PJ Wiggins on September 3rd. For more information on the rest of the season you can check out www.bubbaracewaypark.com or you can call the Speedway hotline.

Bubba Raceway Park Results (8/13)

Late Models

1- 21 Ivedent Lloyd, Jr.

2- 26 Adam Bedenbaugh

3- 18JO JO Nobles

4- 58 Donnie Chappell

5- 1W Dillon Wood

6- 55 Brandon Cameron

7- 0 Rich Pratt

8- 35 Christian Augspurger

9- 69 Bryan Bernhardt

10- Z Tim Zackery

11- 311 Kenny Monahan

12- 10 David Crews

13- 23VP VP Pipken

14- RP1 Bud Rose

15- 71 Richard Ferry

16- 11K Austin Kirkpatrick

17- 3K Kyle VanSickle

18- 32 Phillip Cobb

19- 14 Bubba Clem

20- 84 Chris Fontaine

21- 46P Darrell Padgett

22- 51 Larry Anderson

DNS- J17 Joe Kump

Hobby Stocks

1- 44 Tim Powers

2- 55W Buck Woodhouse

3- 2 David Bange

4- 98T Mike Tovet

5- 8 Thomas Pratt

6- 27 Cody Albright

7- 12 Joe Belkey

8- 07 Donnie Reed

9- 32 Bud Chancey

10- 7E James Erickson

11- 08 William Edwards

12- 80 John Clark

13- A2Z Chuck Mchone

14- 83 Joe Boyd

15- 69 Tommy Ausburn

16- 56S Jeff Sargent

17- 88H Howard Osteen

18- 11 Billy Carlbert, Jr.

19- 04 Bubba Christian

20- 65 Joseph Brown

21- 95 Jeff Rodgers

22- 76 Davey Kinsey

23- 90 Tim Gay

24- 56 Kevin Durden

25- 2S Mick Kulak

26- 109 Brett Barrett

27- 77M Mark Maresca

DNS- 55JR Devin Walker

Amsoil V-8 Thunderstocks

1- 76 Chris Shea

2- 66 Harold Erickson

3- 15 Luke Sadler

4- 39 Jason Blackmer

5- 114 John Thorpe

6- 121 Gordon Cade

7- 14S James Sullivan

8- 60 Jonathan Appleby

9- 34 Mark Trexler

10- 64 Jonathan Gillette

11- 19 Brian Shea

12- 18 Chris Watson

13- 3W Vaughn Woodall

14- 21G Jason Gamble

15- 4 Larry Smith

16- 14M Tim Mathieu

17- 86 Mickey Jackson

18- 23 Gary Champion

19- 03 Cookie Cantley

20- 9 Cody Gobles

21- 54 Glenn Baum

22- 0 Donnie Strosahl

23- 27S Chad Scranton

24- 4W Jim Bethal

25- 96 Eddie Lentz

26- 21M David Miller, Jr.

27- 74 Phil Hines

28- 73 Brandon Tillander

DNS- 12 Josh Lloyd

DNS- 118 Ron Adams

Mini Stocks

1- 22H Shirlene Hammond

2- 21X Ray Folwell

3- 41 Jamie Burrows

4- 53 Brittany Yates

5- 9 Ryan Babcock

6- 12 Jimbo Bird

7- 7M Roberto Morfin, Jr.

8- 21 Ray Ethridge

9- 75H Stephen Hahlbaugh

10- 81 Buddy Pope

11- 1K Kyle Kruse

12- 11K Kody Kinsey

13- 28 Brandon Elwood


1- 30 Reid Christensen

2- 126 Robert Graham

3- 3H Brandon Haseleu

4- 7UK Stephen Frankland

5- 31 Jerry Taylor

6- 81 Steve Johnson

7- 43 Richard Todd

8- 74B Jaylyn Amspaugh

9- 2M Chuck Mathias

10- 83 Kody Fisher

11- 112 Jason Brown

12- P38 Steve Cox

13- 26X Dennis Sanderson

14- 41 Donald Smith

15- 72 Frank Pelusio

DNS- 69P David Pate

DNS- 69JR Tommy Ausburn, Jr.

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Citrus County Speedway staff prevails over Mother Nature

From John Chance & Johnny Sanders

Sportsman point leader Ernie Reed can see his own reflection in the standing water in the infield during practice.

Mother Nature unleashed it’s fury on Citrus County Speedway early Saturday afternoon. Once the hour long torrential downpour had subsided, the speedway staff was left with what more resembled a lake, than a ¼ asphalt oval. (more…)

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Punta Gorda Speedway Results from 8-13

by Greg Roebeck


Pro Trucks

1. 14S Sam Scott

2. 14 Michel Burns

3. 47 Travis Gossard

4. 00 Whitney Poole

5. 17 Mark Hooven

6. 41 Steve Darvalics

7. 36 Ross Chastain  D. N. S.

Road Warrior

1. 97 Chris Scott

2. 89 Phil Morrison

3. 10 Jason Miller

4. 80 Richard Nelson

5. 1 Rick Reed

6. 27 Derrick Horton

7. 20 Billy Benoit

8. 2 Pete Bloodgood

9. 14 Randy Kile

10. 17 James Stokes

11. 94 Brian Boxell


1. 01 Shawn Hooven

2. 94 Matt Blakenship

3. 14B Jordan Black

4. 14 Brady Marshall

5. 48 Carl Haag

6. 9 Mitch Verhaagh

7. 26 Joey Langis

8. 54 Tony Steinbuck

9. 55 Conrad Molter

10. 02 Josh Williams

11.22 Tyler Audie

12. 7 Mike Verhaagh

Pro 4

1. 04 Ryan Collver

2. 98 Cody Allen

3. 28 Dylan Bigley

4. 29 Phil Ellis

5. 32 Corey Bigley

6. 31 John Balzarano

7. 27 Jeremy Perkins

8. 00 Dan Collver

9. 05 Charles Null

10. 61 Paul Richards Sr.

Fab 4

1. 91 Jessica Ostrovskis

2. 32 John Lucrezi

3. 3 Zac Campilonga

4. 05 Skyler Null

5. 98 Aaron Hardgrove   D. Q.

6. 61 Paul Richards Jr.  D. Q.

7. Mike Simmons DNS

Rookie Trucks

1. 4 Kelli Burns

2. 36 Chad Chastain

3. 99 Cody Martell

4. 25 Ryan Bell  D. N. S.


1. X Johnny Holmes

2. 14 Noah Weaver

3. 24 Clyde Tucker

4. 14X Tyler Audie  D. N. S.

Dwarf Cars

1. 82 Rob Kohler

2. 56 Larry Hubbard Jr.

3. 77 Larry Hubbard 3rd.

4. 33 Roger Richmond

5. 08 Rebecca George

6. 17 John Bailey

7.12 Darrell Fische

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Elliott Builds on Legacy With Thrilling Victory Over Grill at Blizzard 4 R & S 100

By Chuck Corder

Chase Elliott added another chapter Friday at Five Flags Speedway.

The 15-year-old’s storybook career got fatter thanks to fairytale ending at the Rubber and Specialties 100, the fourth Blizzard Series race of 2011. (more…)

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Jeff Scofield wins Florida United Promoters Late Model Series 100 at OSW

Orlando Speedworld
Official Results for 8/12/11
Florida United Promoters
Late Model Series 100

Florida United Promoters Late Model Series – 100 laps

1. #07 Jeff Scofield
2. #36 Tim Russell
3. #59 Jake Perkins
4. #20 Anthony Sergi
5. #19 Ray Black Jr
6. #88 Justin Larson
7. #11 David Weaver
8. #05 Harold Crooms
9. #30 Jesse Dutilly
10. #72 Scott Heckert
11. #97 Patrick Staropoli
12. #5k Daniel Keene
13. #26 Travis Cope
14. #64 Joe Winchell
15. #5 Joe Boyd
16. #41 Brandon Johnson
17. #54 Zach Harris
18. #7 Daryl Shelnut
19. #22 Dusty Cornelius
20. #84 Wayne Anderson
DQ #28 Sean Bass

Sportsman – 10 laps

1. #66 Andy Nichols
2. #8 Austin Carr
3. #111 Donny Williams

Super Stocks – 25 laps

1. #23 Shannon Kelly
2. #51 Wes Railing
3. #35 Gino Tumminello
4. #721 John Bennett
5. #316 Joe Bandur
6. #13 Danny Frye
7. #60 Ernie Tumminello
8. #37 Art Hendren
9. #64 Jeff Cuddy
10. #16 David Gould
11. #18 Billy Rouse
12. #911 Ray Mullis

Strictly Stocks – 20 laps

1. #89 William Hindman
2. #51 Wes Railing
3. #8x Luis Guillen
4. #31 Paul Cornelius
5. #8 Neil Kirby
6. #55 Brandon Christian
7. #63 Zach Curtis
8. #27T Scott Tyler
9. #8c Spanky Carr
10. #24 Megan Matheny
11. #81 Jimmy Barron
12. #8B Greg Bruce
13 #00 John Townsend
14. #7 Shane Sutorus
15. #3x Frank Sutorus
16. #22 Kaleen Barker
17. #27 Dan Binda
18. #85 Rex Hollinger
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Hendry County Motorsports Park to reopen 8/27/11 with special admission prices

After some well needed time off for mother nature, its now time to get back to racing and back to school. The rain put a big dampener on the racing this year so the track decided to take a break and re-group. The Hendry county Motorsports park is ready to Re-open it’s gates for the 2nd half of the 2011 race season Saturday August. 27th.

We would like to thank all the fans, race teams, and drivers for there support and patience in the time we took off. Saturday’s re-opening will have a special gate price for the night and a special cause. It will only be $5.oo to enter the grandstands and Kids 12 and under will be free. Kids don’t forget to bring your bicycles for the kids bike race (all kids competing will receive a prize).

As we get ready to go back to racing we also need to remember that our children are heading back to school and Hendry county is one of hardest hit counties in the state of Florida for unemployment. We know that many families in our community cannot afford school supplies for their children, and with the tuff economy it is hard for our school system to provide the much needed supplies for the children.

We need your help. Saturday Aug 27th stop by you local dollar store and pick up a few school supplies before you head to the race track. They need: #2 Pencils, Crayons, Glue Sticks, Box of Tissues, Pink Erasers, Broad Tip Markers, Fiskar Scissors, Pencil Case, Wide-Ruled Spiral Bound Notebooks, Pocket Folders, and Pencil Crayons. Please help us help the children, and come out and have a good time at the races for only $5.oo. Saturday August 27th Gates open at 4:00 racing Starts at 7:00 for more information go to our web site www.hendryracing.com

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This Saturday Night at the Punta Gorda Speedway

From Linda Jericka

This Saturday night its sure to be an action packed night with the return of the Pro Truck and Rookie Truck divisions also the Pro 4, Fab 4, Road Warriors, Dwarf Cars, Legends and Bandoleros will also be in action.

Tickets are still a low priced $10 for adults, $8 for seniors with 12 and under FREE. It’s the best deal around for a Saturday night full of exciting racing for the entire family.  Gates open at 5PM with racing around 6PM.

Don’t forget to make a pit stop at the concession stand with the awesome “Big Daddy”  Pork Tenderloin sandwich that will take you to the finish line. There’s lots of other great food and ice cold drinks too.

For more info visit Puntagordaspeedway.com or visit us on Facebook under Punta Gorda Speedway.  Make your plans now and we will see you at the races!!!!

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Buddys Home Furnishings Blizzard #4 Rubber Specialties 100 at 5 Flags

By Tim Bryant

Always a favorite, 2 time Derby Winner Augie Grill comes to town as the current points leader, already having logged 2 wins along with a 3rd place finish this season. But lurking just 2 points back, is none other than (more…)

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Bubba Raceway Park Preview: The Calm Before The Storm

By Jimmy Rouse- Bubba Raceway Park Media

With 5 of the 6 divisions on tap the fans will get to see most of their favorite drivers 1 last time before the 2-week August break. RaceCar Engineering Late Models, Hobby Stocks, Amsoil V-8 Thunderstocks, Mini Stocks for Double Points and a $500 payday, and the Gladiators will race for points and bragging rights through the break.

Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. has held the points lead for quite some time, but hasn’t pulled away from the field. Dillon Wood is just 22 points behind Lloyd and is still searching for that 1st win. Wood held the lead early in the season and has continued to run in the top 5. With consistency at the front comes wins and Wood isn’t far away. Mark Whitener has Augie Burttram’s 58 in 3rd, but Whitener and Burttram are banned until mid-September after the argument 2 weeks ago. The new points system can keep the 58 battling for points but a new driver will have a tough hill to climb. “The Locomotive” has steamed his way to 4th but is more than 100 points back. Collins has a runner-up finish earlier but will need some wins and bad luck for the top dogs to catch back up. Still without a driver’s license because of his age, Christian Augspurger has driven the 35 to 5th. Augspurger won in the Mike Peters Era early in the season and after some bad luck has come back to 5th. Bo Allen and the 71 team were the others in the argument 2 weeks ago which means Allen would need a replacement driver to gain more points. The 71 can drive to the front, but does need a driver in the seat. Tyler Ivey was also a points leader, but some bad luck and missing the double feature night has dropped him to 7th. Ivey won the Mike Peters Open and can get his 47 in Victory Lane and needs some wins to get back in the hunt. “IceMan” Austin Kirkpatrick comes off of a trip to Victory Lane and would love to repeat. Kirkpatrick is top rookie and shows improvement every week-end. Shan Smith has driven his 99W17SS (99W for short) to 9th and has run up front and could take that win at any time. JO Nobles, the 2009 champion, has taken his 18JO to the top, both in the results and on the track, and the 18JO has taken a liking to the banking. Darrell Padgett hasn’t shown his 46P since the Powell Memorial, but did take a win early in the season.

Chad Scranton was the 1st points leader and is the only 2-time winner in the 2011 Hobby Stocks. Of course, he hasn’t started a race since and that left the points lead to Tim Powers. Powers has 1 win and 3 runner-up finishes, but even with that consistency, he’d love another win. Kevin Durden comes off of his 1st win of 2011 and wouldn’t mind becoming the 2nd 2-time winner. Buck Woodhouse hasn’t battled for the win but has put his 55W near, or in, the top 5 every week. Woodhouse, much like 4th place Howard Osteen, is still searching for the win, but it isn’t far away now. Joe Belkey took a win already, but still wants another. Belkey has a fast car and takes it to the front and has put himself in 5th because of it. Joe Boyd, Billy Carlbert, Jr., and Tommy Ausburn have kept their cars clean, for the most part, and are 6th, 7th, and 8th, respectively. They can all get to the front and take a win and move up even higher in the standings. Mark Maresca and Donnie Reed round out the top 10 and have both taken their cars to the front. Mike Tovet and Matt Shea have wins, but they didn’t count for points, but both could take another.

Jason Gamble has put all 3 of Eddie Tillander’s cars near the front, but has only put the 27 in Victory Lane in the first 3 races. Gamble has held off the fight from Vaughn Woodall and Chad Scranton, both 18 points back, but with 2 different stories. Woodall has run every race and used his strengths to power to 2nd. Scranton is listed as 3rd, with 4 more wins than Woodall, but 3 starts less. In 4th is Brian Shea, 23 points behind Gamble. Shea is still searching for his 1st win, but has taken his 19 to the front and win #1 is right around the corner. “Mr. Consistency” led the standings for a week, but hasn’t put his 64 in Victory Lane before. Gillette, along with Woodall and Shea, is in his 2nd full season and has made gains alng with them. He’s just 25 back now. Gordon Cade is 51 points behind the leaders and stil searches for win #1 on dirt. Cade holds just 8 over Chris Watson. Watson still searches for his 1st win, and could take it this week-end. Tim Mathieu, John Thorpe, and Jonathan Appleby are more than 90 points back, but are all front-runners and this division has seen 30 point swings on a night before so you can’t count anyone out.

A Double Points Night will give 5 drivers a shot at the points lead, but Ray Folwell and Brittany Yates have separted themselves from the field. Folwell holds a 12 point lead over Yates, but she has gained on him the last few races. In 3rd, 52 back, is the rookie Ryan Babcock. Babcock continues to hold strong at the front and a reward could be coming soon for the young driver. Ray Ethridge took a few wins last season but hasn’t had much luck in 2011. Ethridge is 107 points behind Folwell and is battling for wins now. Buddy Pope has an early season win, but after missing a few week-ends of action has dropped and is now mounting a comeback. Chris Zimmermann and Roberto Morfin, Jr. have misse the past 2 races and have dropped to 6th and 7th, respectively. They could take wins as they both improved much from the 1st week-end, and both are hungry. Kody Kinsey is 8th and hopes to gain points on Babcock for rookie of the year in the Mini Stocks. Kinsey has his hands full as “Hammerdown” Shirlene Hammond is 9th, just 6 behind him. “Hammerdown” will try to gain those lost points to the leaders back, but it’s easier said than done. In 10th is Charlie Staats, but he’s missed some races and has lost valuable points because of it. With $500 on the line and Bubba not not exactly thrilled about the car count, we should see a full field of Mini Stocks battling for points and glory.

The 7-time winner, Steve Cox, leads by more than 70 points over Reid Christensen. “The Dominator” will have his 1st of 14 more scheduled shots at breakng the all-time wins in a season record set by Mini Stock driver Keith Briggs in 2008. He’ll need to win half of those scheduled races to break the record. Reid Christensen will look to stop Cox, at least for a week-end, and celebrate in Victory Lane with the #30 team. Brandon Haseleu will hope to take a win this week-end and celebrate with his father in victory lane. Richard Todd and Jerry Taylor round out the top 5, but both still search for their 1st victory in their short careers. “The British Bulldog” has the smallest car and Bubba Raceway Park career with only 6 starts. Frankland has taken the 7UK to the top 5 on numerous occasions and could break out and win at any time. Steve Johnson was a main threat for the championship last season, but decided to run a limited schedule in 2011. He’s run half of the season and has his 81 in 7th and will hope to catch team-mate Cox by season’s end. Matt Kramer and Kody Fisher have put themselves in the top 10 and always battle hard no matter where they’re at on the track. Casey Feaster is 10th and after the retirement speculations has decided to bring the 20 back to Bubba Raceway Park and battle for another win. Feaster took 3 wins early, but hasn’t won in the points season. Scott Sullivan, Jonathan Green, and Sammy Dale each have a win recently and could add another.

All 5 divisions will put a show on as everyone wants to enter the break as the points leader and race winner. Gates open at 4:30 with racing scheduled for 7. For more information you can check out www.bubbaracewaypark.com or call the Speedway hotline.

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